Saturday, August 21, 2010

Win COOL stuffs

Yeah, you can win cool stuffs in's Blog Writing Contest. You can check it out for the mechanics. As for me, I am supporting BlankPixel's entry for the contest. This is a Viral Poster for her entry and by doing so I am entitled to win (if I am lucky enough) these stuffs :

Week 1 (August 16-22): Nokia 5530
Week 2 (August 23-29): Playstation Portable
Week 3 (August 30-September 5): iPod Touch
Week 4 (September 6-September 12): Sony Cybershot

Please vote for: Sulitizen : The Epitome of Frugality
by blankPixels of Just Another Pixel

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1 comment:

  1. Sis, the link is broken. Na-cut ata yung code nung link sa entry ko.

    Eto po ulit yung link dun sa entry ko:

    Yung link, lumalabas na kaya nag-error.

    Thanks po! :)