Thursday, August 19, 2010

GT: Watching with my Brothers

I super love movies, I think I am a movie-addict. But you see, I don't watch movies with my siblings. Because I have two little brothers and we don't have the same taste when it comes to movies. But I know I have watched a Disney movie with my youngest brother and I haven't watched any movie with my other younger brother. The only thing that we had watched together is *tanrantatatan* "Naruto".

Yeah, it is not a movie (but they sell the series on pirated dvds). But if I have to recommend some movie to watch with your siblings, try AVATAR. The love story behind this cool movie will make your sisters love it and your brothers will love it for the helicopters, guns and action scenes that is part of the movie.


  1. ah, so never kayong nanood ng movie ng mga kapatid mo? mahirap din pala kapag bata ang siblings? hehhe, cartoons ang mapapanood sa inyo.

  2. i agree, avatar is a great movie for the whole family.

    mine is up here...

  3. Naruto is not only for young boys, hehehe even oldy ladies like me loved to watch the series too..

    Read the manga too...:)

  4. waaa... I so love Naruto!! hahaha!!! sarap panoorin pag tapos ng One piece!! hhaha

    Happy Girls Talk

  5. hahaah bigla ko naalala ang aming bunso.. pag ganito ang palabas nauuna tlga un :D hihih

  6. paulie loves naruto, but i can't really be enthusiastic for it. LOL. we've seen avatar, and it was fantastic!