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I am a newbie in this blogging thing, I cannot consider myself as an influential blogger because when I read other blogs I feel like I am mediocre writer. Sometimes I make blog posts according to what comes up to my mind, just a personal thing, nothing more and nothing less. But after much thought of it, I realized that there is more in blogging aside from joining different contests and a daily summary of what’s happening in my life. I’ve come to learn many things from other blog sites that I have visited and so I have considered them as influential.

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 are:

1. Fat Girl No More- This is blog is like a personal diary of Ria on how to lose weight one day at a time. It’s like admitting that you can’t lose weight in just one night and so she tries to do different tactics on how to lose weight and become a healthy person.

2. Chubby Mommy Me – She is good in juggling her blogging life, personal life, being a mother and being a wife. She is an epitome of a modern day Filipina wife. This blog site will not only gave you ideas of how to lose weight while taking care of your children but also make you laugh, that’s what we need now in our stressful world.

3. Mommy Rubz – Most of the blogs I have visited is owned by WAHMs including this one. There are a lot to read and learn in Mommy Rubz blog site. Working at home while taking care of your kids is not an easy job, but Mommy Rubz could do it with a smile.

4. NOOB- NOOB means Novice on Blogging and I admit that I am. In this blog site, Pehpot shares with a NOOB like me the whats, the hows and the whys in Blogging. It’s like a blogging 101 subject where a NOOB person can learn.

5. More Food Adventures- This is a food blog and as a Filipino I have in my heart my love for Pinoy foods. More Food Adventures is helping people to discover good places to dine in Cagayan de Oro. There are so many good dining places in the city but there are no advertising vehicles that could help them be discovered so having this blog site makes it an advertising tool for different restaurants in the city.

6. Earn Money with Red – Who doesn’t want to earn online? No one. I mean let’s be practical, it is a good way to earn money online and in this blog of Marose or most commonly known as Red, she teaches you how to earn online. The what to do and not to do, posting her payment proofs and scam PTC/HYIP sites in order to warn new bloggers.

7. Wahmaholic – As defined by the owner, Wahmaholic means a work at home mom who is addicted of being one. In this blog, Kaye, the owner, posts her artworks of blog designs/lay-out, different blog buttons, and her everyday life of being a WAHM.

8. SWORD – SWORD is an acronym for Spread the Works, Opinions, Reviews and Documentaries. In here Liz, the author/owner is blogging her day to day experiences which in a way or two could also affect the reader. Different campaigns and advocacies are posted in here which awakens the reader’s minds and feelings toward different situations.

9. Senyorita – By the name itself, you will know what this blog is all about. I am not vain just like senyorita claims to be, but in this blog you can see all sides of a woman.

10. Pinay Online Money Maker – Most people who blogs wants to earn online but there are people who are making online money though lying, scams, and earning through other people’s hard earned money. And so it gave birth to this blog site. In here you will learn where to find good sites to earn money and help you stay away from scam.

For more information about this Writing Project visit Influential Blogger.


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pensive Thoughts of Tetcha

Pensive Thoughts is owned by Tetcha, I haven’t met her yet and I think it is my first time to visit her site though she is a member of the weekly MEME Mommy Moments; I seem to have not visited it yet until now.

I have not attended any blog events yet simply because I am far, way too far from the places where blog events are held. Tetcha loves to join blog events for so many reasons and these reasons made me green with envy. I wish I could join even just one blog event to at least experience the joy of meeting fellow bloggers and learn helpful tips.

I am a mom and so is Tetcha, and I have known how she feels when her son is sick. My son has asthma and because of this I have to take good care of him too, and I would feel so worried every time I know he is coughing, my mother even bought a nebulizer kit for emergency purposes. So like Tetcha I would gladly pay so much for my peace of mind.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Sporty Yobib

Sporty Yobib is for all the sports-fanatic out there and for the not-so sports-addict like me.

It is not that I hate sports; maybe I just wasn’t trained by my parents to become a sports enthusiast when I was young. I admire people who are sports-minded and who are good in sports not like me who can’t even serve the volleyball ball rightly. I tried my luck in softball/baseball because it’s the only sports I know how to play and well; I got an A in my PE.

Sporty Yobib is where all sports-enthusiasts can find the latest updates about NBA games. There are ideas about other sports activities such golf, badminton and Frisbee. Sporty Yobib maybe a new blog considering that it has been up for five months only it is a worthy blog site to visit. For all my readers you can check it out and see what’s up and next.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Kayce's Daily Notes

125 by 125
My Daily Notes is owned by Sis Kayce, a blogger from Cagayan de Oro (much more closer to me).

The blog site’s design is a perfect girlaloo thing and Kayce welcome’s her readers with these words “ This blog contains about my daily notes of my life experiences, my musings, hobbies and anything that interests me”. A perfect welcome address for readers indeed. Flowers flooded this blog site, I c an obviously see it anywhere.

What strikes me most and touched my heart was Kayce’s entry about her wish and her heart’s desire. Kayce’s ultimate wish is to help her church. I haven’t met any person who loves his church whole-heartedly; I may have met believers, people who have great faith, people who are generous, but not someone who thinks and act upon his heart’s wishes. I hope and I wish that people may find it in their hearts to be generous enough now that our country needs help.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Mommy Rubz kids and husband

Our Kids Plus Us is a family blog owned by Mommy Rubz. It is just a new blog site just up and blogging last July and the first entry were posted last July 18, 2010. I like how Mommy Rubz came up with the idea of having a blog site with .US instead of .COM or .NET.

Mommy Rubz says that this blog will share all about her family, her marriage and her children. So far, the entries made are all about Mommy Rubz’ kids being sick. Our country is currently suffering from mosquito invasion and aside from Dengue sickness, flu and viral sickness is at large. Mommy Rubz also made an entry for her 31st birthday and attached pictures of her and her family. I love BIgby’s restaurant, I hope I could celebrate my birthday in Bigby’s someday.

Can’t wait to read Mommy Rubz’s new entries for this blog site.

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Spices of Life

Spices of Life is a blog site owned by someone named Umma (not Uma Thurman I guess). From the looks of it, this blog site is owned by a mother, because the lady holding a stroller depicts a mother. The blog site’s lay-out or design is a cutie one, with flowers everywhere just like a garden.

Umma posted about the Rules of Life, I don’t know if it is her own or just quoted but I love the things written in here especially Rule 1 which says “Life is not fair – get used to it”. Life is not always fair, but God gives you the life that you deserve. Umma has also posted pictures of her baby just like me; she is a proud mother too. There are posts for different persons, there are posts for celebrities, and there are posts for product reviews and a lot more.

Visit Spices of Life for more information about life and its spices.

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Nursing Uniforms is Fashion

When I was in my 4th year of secondary school my aunt who works for a hospital in Florida encouraged me to take up nursing course. But I didn’t enrol myself and took up accounting instead. The main reason why I didn’t took up that course was that I am scared of blood, just the thought of it makes me wanna vomit (ewwww).

But viewing Nursing Uniforms makes me regret for not taking up that course. I didn’t know that being a nurse can be fashionable too. Maybe I will look so sexy wearing those different kinds of nursing uniforms and scrub suits. Oh my, and for a very affordable price you can choose among their different brands of what to wear for work.

Nursing Uniforms is a one-stop-shop for all nursing students and nurses out there. So for all those people who didn’t know about this site, go on, click the link, and you’ll be amaze just like me.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Sherry Ever by Sherry

Sherryever.com is a blog site owned by Sherry (Sherry has so many blog sites for different subjects or topics). Sherryever.com has the same design/blog lay-out with the blog sites owned by Sherry. It is very simple and not messed up.

The first blog post was made last June 1, 2010, so this just mean that the blog site sherryever.com is a new one. Sherry also posted some health info about ectopic pregnancy, this can help the readers who are ignorant to this things, because not all people know what this is and how can it be known. There are also posts for Girl’s Talk which is entries by Sherry for the weekly MEME. At first glance, I thought that Sherry knows how to make handmade jewelries because of the blog post title, but then I realized MY means Malaysia, so these jewelries are handmade in Malaysia and not by Sherry herself.

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Pop Ups of Nicquee's Mind

Pop Ups of My Mind by Nicquee is probably the “all-in-one” blog site I have ever encountered. Most bloggers I’ve come to know have different blogs for different topics but Nicquee have different topics on this one blog site.

This blog site has a three-column lay-out, a little whisk of pink and light blue with a picture of a rose behind it (looks like in negative).

You can grab Nicquee’s button, it can easily be seen on the top left side of the site. If you want to subscribe to her feeds, it can be found on the top right side of the site. Recent Posts and the categories (or different subjects) can be found on the right side column, while you can chat and see the recent comments posted by different bloggers are on the left side. So, it leaves us the center column which is for the blog posts Nicquee has posted.

Visit Nicquee’s site for more views about life itself.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Petty and Awesome things in Teacher Vernz's Life

Petty and Awesome Things in A Teacher’s Life is a blog site by Vernz. I love the picture above, it really is a school, am I right mommy Vernz? Vernz is one of my very few friends online and she’s from Davao (5 hour drive from my place) and that makes her the most nearest online friend I have.

Being a teacher is not easy and did wish to become a teacher when I was young. I am still waiting for Teacher Vernz answer to the question “What is a Teacher?” because she had never explained it yet, she only posted the answers of Gerald Grow. This blog site of Vernz is also the host for “A Teacher’s Link Exchange Project”; many have joined this exchange of links including me. This site of Mommy Vernz also joins different MEMEs. The very good thing to read about this blog site is Mommy Vernz is posting her life in here as a teacher.

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Win Regine's Album

My mom is a big fan of Regine. My all time favorite OPM song is Maging Sino Ka Man. I don't know why or how, but all I know is it's the first song I have memorized when I was a kid. I am thankful to PNoy for making that Executive Order.

Nicquee of Pop Ups of my mind is giving away Regine's newest album. I know I am lucky in different raffles and contest and I hope I'll be lucky again this time.

Check out this link for the giveaway mechanics. This giveaway will end on September 4, 2010. So join now.

Niko's Home

Niko’s Home is owned by Niko (the Girl’s Talk queen). There are so many things I want to write about Niko’s Home but I am afraid that I will not be able to say the right words and it will make me look stupid (hahaha).

Niko’s Home is a nice fine blog. It is where Niko posted her entries for Wordless Wednesday and Friday Fill-ins. I think I need to join those MEMEs too in order to know more about other blogger’s personal life.

Anyway, as I have said there are so many things I want say, here it goes (goodluck to me). There so many ideas that Niko has posted in here I have to mention a few. Baking Soda is a Universal Agent, according to Niko it can be toothpaste, sports drink, or it can shine steel. As a mom and a wife, Niko is good on housekeeping. Niko posted some stain removers in order to remove the stains caused by inks, chocolate, milk or even tomato sauce. Niko also shares some ideas on how to unclog your sink. SO head on to Niko’s home and start learning.

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Momsdrive Makes Review was Reviewed

I just visited MomsDrive Makes Review for Red’s 1st blogversary contest. This is a blog site wherein the author writes all her reviews for different products. With a PR of 1, it has many opportunities online (my blog site has a PR of none, ROFL).

MomsDrive Makes Review is a typical blog of a wahm(work at home mom) or sahm (stay at home mom). It is full of weekly MEMEs posts like Mellow Yellow and Friday Fill-ins. The blog site is a member of BC Bloggers too (hello colleague).

There are a lot of posts that you can read in this blog site, short but superb blog posts. What struck me most was the author’s post last March 29, 2010 a question that goes like this “have you tried that you enter into a marriage life and later on realized that it is a big mistake?” How did she come up with this question that I do not know, but all I know is people sometimes make mistakes.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Melandria's Musings

Melandria’s Musings is a blog site of Ria. It is my first time to visit this blog site and according to Ria, this blog site is a practical guide and tips about friendship, wedding, motherhood, travel, fashion,education, movies, different reviews and everyday musings (huh,that was loooong).

I met Ria through other blog sites, she loves to join contests and fond of giving away too. One of Ria’s many blog sites is Melandria’s Musings, this is just a new blog site, and was made just this July 2010. There blog reviews for Ria’s other blog sites posted in this site. So you will know why and how the other blog sites came up or made up.

I agree with Ria’s I Believe post. In there she says kind heart is where true beauty dwells. Being beautiful outside is a privilege but being beautiful inside-out is better. It is better for people to remember you because you are beautiful in both aspects.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Love and Thoughts by Sherry

Love and Thoughts is a blog site owned by Sherry. The blog site’s design is simple with a shade of blue. Love and Thoughts is a new blog site and was started by Sherry last June only.

Love and Thoughts is a member of BC Bloggers too. I haven’t met the owner yet of this blog yet because she is from Malaysia. There are posts for different MEMEs such as Girl’s Talk and Couple’s Corner. In Couple’s Corner, Sherry shares about her past relationship and that an ex-boyfriend did tattooed her name on his arm (I wish somebody would do that and hope that somebody is Binoy (ROFL)). Sherry got to learn how to make badges and that she personally designed her badges for her blog site. It is not an easy task for Sherry to teach somebody so she’d rather create a badge for someone than teach her how to do it.

This is a blog review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Learn to Earn from Home

Learn to Earn from Home is a blog about making money online. In this trying times where in our country has a big problem in unemployment we need to find ways in order to earn money may it through internet or through small business that we can establish.

This blog site is full of ideas and it is like a guide for those who are interested in earning online. Even though this is a new blog site because the oldest post was posted just last May, 2010 it looks promising enough. Reading the entire blog site’s owner blog posts makes me feel like I am reading my woes. I run my own small business in our hometown and being your own boss is truly a challenging role. Sometimes it is so stressful and makes you think that maybe it’s better if I am just an employee. But one can succeed in small businesses if one believes he can do it.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

TRULY Living Life to the Fullest


Living Life to the Fullest is owned by Levy. I have known this blog site when I joined her contest last year for her wedding anniversary contest, I didn’t win the prize but I am happy that I have came to know this blog site.

Levy is a loving housewife and mother. Levy shares her blogging journey and though I already know some of the things she posted in this blog post, I still learned something new from her. Imagine my surprise when she admits that she hated English class back then (just like me). And I hope this review will make you happy Levy because I do know you through your blog. Levy also loves to join online contests and she did won. Maybe that’s why she shares her blessings too by hosting contests in her blog.

One thing I can’t forget is that I became one of the sponsors in her last contest and by doing so entitles me a blog review from here site. I love her blog review, promise.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Kiss Mi by Sherry

Kiss Mi is a blog owned by Sherry. The blog site’s lay out is very simple and the color is just plain white and blue. A two-column blog and with its own domain name (I am envious because I don’t have a blog with its own domain name yet).

Kiss Mi has blog posts for Girl’s Talk and a member of BC Bloggers too. Kiss Mi can be considered as a new blog site because it has been up for only 5 months, it was started last April by Sherry and yet there are a lot of blog posts already. I think I have visited this site before during Girl’s Talk and posts some comments. Kiss Mi also supported baby Bella’s online fund raising by having a blog posts announcing that Mommy Rubz would do a blog review for $10 in order to help baby Bella have a surgery.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

It's Not Always About Me - Yuuki Again

It’s Not Always About Me is the first real blog of Yuuki. The blog’s lay-out looks great, very lady-like and it has three columns. It is not untidy to look at because all the badges and ads is on one column, all lined up together. You can easily see the recent posts, recent comments, categories and archive on the second column or center column.

I am an FB addict and I didn’t know that there are people who are not into facebook like I am. But Yuuki claims she’s not into networking sites and only logs in to facebook just to play games (which I am not into). Yuuki posted how she came up with her badges for her blog sites. Yuuki also dated Jacob; yeah she is a twilight saga fan just like me. I dated Jacob too when I watched New Moon with my friend at CDO City.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Invest and Work At Home

Invest and Work At Home is a blog on investing and earning money at home as it claims to be. So far, the blog site has stand to its name, it really is a blog about investing and earning money online. The first two posts is all about investing and the next blog posts is all about how to earn money online and some payment proofs.

I didn’t know about teaching online until I have read it in Invest and Work At Home blog site. I don’t know how it works because I have never tried it, I don’t know if it’s like a social networking site or a chat room. I don’t like to drink beers or wine perhaps, and I have learned in here that you can invest in wines. My mom loves to collect wines; maybe she knows it’s an investment? I will really try this one and maybe I’ll earn more than what I have spent.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

In Between the Covers -A Review

In Between the Covers is another blog of Vera. Vera of Verabear not Vera of Magkaribal teleserye which I love to watch every night. I came to know Vera through her online contest that I have joined, I was one of the top commenter but I didn’t won the grand prize and from then on I regularly visit her Verabear site.

I came to know In Between the Covers when she posted about it in her Verabear site. So I visited the blog site, posted some comments, and Vera did visit my sites too. In Between the Covers was started way back February 2008 but it has only minimal posts every month since. The most common topics in this blog site is books. There are book reviews that I have read and enticed my mind to read such books that I have not encountered yet. But I have read Mitch Albom’s For One More Day like Vera.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Yapatoots Reviewed

I am woman, hear me rawr – life’s hits and misses as blogged by yapatoots. Yapatoots is Teacher Ria and she is also the woman behind Fat Girl No More.

I have a very good relationship with Ria even though I just came to know her because of her contest. I won as the top commentator, as the early bird and top scorer I think. Ria is a good friend of mine too (wink).

Yapatoots is a starbucks addict with a collection of it. In here, Ria shares about her vacations with Bubba – her super cute dog. This blog site as movie reviews too. But what amaze me most is Ria’s advocacies, such as fighting against child prostitution. I had never tried a spa before and reading Ria’s post about Nurture Spa Village makes me think of trying it. There are a lot of good posts Ria has made and makes me visit it from time to time.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Healthy Yobib - A review

Healthy Yobib – The road to losing the extra pounds is a very informative blog site owned by Yobib. I don’t know him yet, I just visited his site now because of Red’s blogversary contest. I found out in his about me page that he is Niko’s husband (yeah, the ever ganda Niko).

In Healthy Yobib I have learned the correct timing on when to drink water. I didn’t know these things before and now I know and realized that I have to drink a lot of water for my body. Yobib’s Beer Trivia is super cool; I can’t just google about these things about beer in order to know about it because I don’t drink beer. I was shock to know that beer is sold in vending machines in Japan, I thought napkins/tampons, softdrinks and tissues are the only products that can be sold in vending machines.

So, click the links and you’ll know what’s good about Yobib’s blog site.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Home Buddies Reviewed Again

I have already made a review for Home Buddies last February due to K and Peh’s contest and now here I am again making a review for Home Buddies for Red’s contest. Fedhz is definitely a generous pal. (Can I just copy-paste my review last February? ROFL)

Anyways, nothing much has changed except for the new blog posts she has made. I still can see the major topics and sub-topics she had in her categories and the butterfly is still there in Fedhz’s blog site.

And now that getting sick is so “uso” or in this days, Fedhz have posted on why it is important to have a flu vaccine and where or how one can get cheap flu vaccine. Home Buddies is must-visit site because you can learn a lot from Fedhz different point of views on some things and everything. Fedhz also loves to make reviews on different objects, subjects even websites.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Friday, August 27, 2010

HB Geek indeed

Health and Beauty Geek is a female owned blog site (again because of the blog site’s color). The blog site has two columns with a header Health and Beauty Geek – Beauty product reviews, living healthy, going organic and natural.

The blog site is all about product reviews, different products to try and use, and some online contests which has prizes for the beauty geeks. There products which are all natural like the newest blog post for the site. I see the blog post as a call for mothers to protect your kids and love ones from the deadly Dengue Fever. Because the blog post is all about Insect Repellents which are organic.

I am not into beauty products so I cannot relate on some of the author’s posts. Maybe if the Health and Beauty Geek would make a post on how to apply make up easily and in less consuming time I will be much more interested.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Get SMart in Earning Online

Get Smart Blog is one great blog who could help newbie bloggers or oldies blogger but still need help in blogging, money making online and such. It is my first time to visit this blog site and I find it interesting to read and worth of my time.

I learned a lot from this blog site. Especially now that I have joined Red’s 1st blogversary contest because the author had a post about time management strategies in order to maximize one’s productivity. I need time management because the deadline is near and I’m not even halfway to my blog reviews.

Different categories may interest you such as Self-Improvement, Internet and Business Online, or Money Making Opportunities. These are the best words I have read so far and did really interests me. Because I am a newbie blogger(I still consider myself as a newbie) and like any other blogger I want to earn online.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Kiddie Land is for Adults ALSO

Free Flash Games online is one of Red’s 1st blogversary contest’s sponsors and so here I am again making a review. I am still halfway for the entire contest’s sponsor’s blog review but I am trying my best not to make a haste review which can result to a-not-so-good-review.

Free Flash Games online is also known as Kiddie Land – the place for kids and for kids at heart. I am not a kid anymore but I know I am kid at heart. I love to play games in my laptop, in my brother’s PS2 and in my son’s PSP. Every game you can think of is available here in Kiddie Land. And when I say every game, I mean it. From action games to adventure games, board games and puzzles, dress up games and education and more of every game’s category.

If you love online games, you can visit this site for free and play games for free.

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Fun Family Vacation is Fun!

Fun family vacation is all about fun, family and vacation. For a not-so-typical “bakasyonista” like me, visiting this blog site is of great help. I am not always a girl scout(always ready) because sometimes I tend to forget the things I need to bring and things I need to do before having a vacation or road trip or just plain summer escapade.

The owner of this blog has visited our dear Philippines and he enjoyed his stay. He posted about his stay in Bohol Beach Club and why he loves it. He’s been in Thailand too, and shares all about Thailand. I’ve been to Thailand but I wasn’t able to visit the different tourist spots and places that await tourists in Thailand.

There tips for travellers what to bring and what not to bring, there are places to visits, there are so many things to read and discover in Fun family vacation.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Free Famous Quotes quoted

Free Famous Quotes is a free famous quotes site. Yeah, I sounded like an echo here. By the name itself you would know that this is a blog site where in you can see or read famous lines or famous quotes.

The blog site has a two-column lay-out. The topics or quotes are sorted by category so it is easy for readers like me and you to find what quotes you need to copy (it is free so you can copy it, right?). If you want to read by the authors, there is an archive that is sorted by author so it is easy for you to choose what quotes you want to know. There are quotes written by Einstein, Robbins, Emerson and Shakespeare.

Funny Quotes are a must-read. There are funny quotes for dating, sex, sex and money and sex and marriage. It’s a must-visit famous quote’s site indeed.

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Mommy Moments: I love TOYS and GADGETS

mommy moments

JB love his PSP. A gift from his godmother Lori. He loves to play CARS, APES and SONIC in his PSP.

Jb loves to play with my laptop too, at his young age he already knows how to play PVZ.

Fat Girl No More I say

Fat Girl No More is a blog site owned by Ria with a tag line “saying bye-bye to obesity, one day at a time”. Ria is also known as yapatoots. I have known her when I joined her online contest last May and I won in three categories (lucky me).

FatGirlNoMore.com is like a diary of different ideas on how to fight obesity and lose weight. It’s all about foods and what not to eat in order to lose weight. It’s all about diets and exercise. Definitely the blog is all about how to lose weight but not in ten days but more. Ria tries hard to stop her cravings for food and beverages which causes her to gain weight. Though it is a hard thing to do, she didn’t lose hope and still she is trying to lose weight. She even tried to reward herself if she loses ten pounds, and for the next ten pounds and another reward for another ten pounds.

It is not healthy to be skinny and it is not healthy to be too fat. In here you will know Ria’s ideas of how to lose weight, reasons to lose weight and everything else about weight.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elai's Precious Angels

Elai’s Precious Angels is owned by Elai. I believe this blog site is made for Elai’s children as the blog title connotes. Because there are nothing more precious than your kids. This is a three-columned blog site with a woman above with three kids. You can easily find what you want to read or see in this site because it is not messed up, everything is in place.

Elai shares everything about her kids in here through different MEMEs that she has joined. There are posts for Mommy Moments, fluffy Friday even wordless Wednesday. I love to join MEMEs but sometimes I tend to forget to make a post about it. Elai also shares their Bohol tour in ELai’s Precious Angels. Seeing those pictures make me think of the vacation I have spent with my son at Chocolate Hills too. Elai also posted tips on how to pat your baby to sleep.

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Everything Nice Reviewed

I am nice, are you nice? What if everything in this world is nice? Our world will be perfect, right? I hope so.

There is a blog site which is called “Everything Nice”. Badet authored this blog site and I assumed she is a gal, girl, and woman simply because the blog site’s color is rich in pink with a wall-paper like background. Badet has an online shop (which sometimes I would love to create but couldn’t find the time to do so). Badet loves to join contest too, she joined Yugatech’s contest and made a post about it in her blog site.

The only problem I have encountered in Badet’s blog site is that I couldn’t find the blog site’s archive. I don’t know if it just me because I have a super slow internet but it’s for you to find out so check it out and give Badet a visit.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Little Prince Jhay-Jhay

The Adventurous Little Prince is a blog for Jerome James, Red’s son. The blog’s theme is very child-like. I remember my son’s crib when I view this site; I use to put some toys above my son’s head.

The blog site is like a diary for Jerome James, all about his life, from his first amusement rides to his school uniforms and greeting his daddy in his father’s birthday. Having a blog for your kids is a very interesting thing to do. It’s like a diary but you are the one who’s writing on it. And when they grow up, and learned about how to surf the internet, maybe just maybe they will be able to stumble upon Mr. Google and search for their name and voila, there they are.

Try to visit Jhay-Jhay’s site and maybe you will find something of interest to you. It’s not difficult to navigate around his little mansion.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Designer's Depot

I’ve come to know Designer’s Depot through Levy, another online friend of mine. They had their thanksgiving contest (levy and noel) last June; I joined as a contestant and as a sponsor. I didn’t win the grand prize but I won 1000 ec credits.

Noel joins may design contests and he is good at doing that. He also posts different contests in designer’s depot. I am not an artist in any way, tried my luck at drawing, painting or sculpting but I didn’t have any talents in it. So I never pursue my dreams of becoming known for being an artist. But in here, in designer’s depot, I could see that Noel himself is a very promising artist.

There are a lot of freebies on this site too. Free buttons, free books, free fonts, free icons, free stock photos, free textures, and free vectors. See, you would definitely love this site. Not only for different artworks will you find here but also for freebies.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Couple's Trip Review

Couple’s Trip is a blog owned by Liz. It was started last May and most of the posts are about food, foods, and more about foods. How I wish I could also make a blog in which I can write all about me and my boyfriend’s hang-outs but I guess I cannot because we are far from each other.

Couple’s Trip is a nice site to visit because Liz and her boyfriend share their thought about their food trip and laugh trips. I couldn’t imagine my boyfriend posting something like what Raven Knives have posted in their blog site. To share such nice story and to share a good resto with his girlfriend is such a sweet thing to do.

If couple nowadays would find their time to share their moments with other people through blogging, it would be the sweetest thing they could do. Imagine yourself showing to the whole world your love story.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.


This review would probably be the longest one. ChubbyMommyMe is one of my first loved blogs in the universe! Yeah, I am not kidding. I even like the tag line “losing weight, raising baby and annoying hubby”. I’ve known the author when I started blogging though I didn’t know what her first name is (can you please tell me what your name is?).

I became one of her followers last January when I joined her online contest to win a cosmopolitan datebook. In order for me to win this prize I need to explain why am I a COSMO CHICK and my answer goes like this “I am a COSMO CHICK because I am not afraid to break the rules to WIN the game”. I didn’t win the contest but I won a friend. Yes, I consider her one of my online friends.

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I have read her 10 Twitter Tweet Suggestions in order to have many followers. Two brilliant ideas are “If you follow me, I’ll send you $10 by PayPal instantly!!” and “Don't you follow me...Do not dare follow me...I said don't follow me...What's wrong with you?” And I couldn’t help myself to say negative things about CHINA Phones when she bought one for her husband.

Yeah, chubbymommyme is a must visit site. Honestly, I love her!!!!

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Coffee Lover=Caffeinated Mom

Caffeinatedmuse.com obviously is owned by someone who is a coffee-addict. I am a certified coffee lover but why didn’t I think of having a blog like this one. The background picture is full of coffee beans, oh my, just seeing coffee beans makes me salivate.

The owner of this blog is known as Caffeinated Mom. I would love to know more about her because we have the same love for coffee, hot or cold. She is also a member of Girl’s Talk (who isn’t anyway?) and recently joined Vernz’ Teacher’s Link project (see, we have a lot of connections).

And in this blog I found out that people do have colors. Why? She posted in her GT:Emotional Me topic that she turns red when she is too happy or angry. And when she is afraid she turns white. Her emotions are color-coded she says and I wish I could see her turn pink (I love pink that’s why).

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Charming Junkie Yuuki

Charming Junkie is another blog owned by no less than Yuuki. This blog has only 15 posts and was started last may. Most of the topics are about Bank Notes and watches.

In her Yuuki shares her love for watches and claims that she’s not into accessories such as earrings, rings, bracelets or even necklaces. Yuuki had posted some topics for Girl’s Talk in this blog and what a charming junkie she is. Yuuki have shared what is inside her bag, inside her wallet, her vanity kit and her shower loot as well.

I love to keep bank notes inside my wallet too. Some I get myself when I went to different countries and some are given by my friends just like how Yuuki got hers. I am expecting more posts from Yuuki for Charming Junkie. You can visit it as well if you are a charming junkie like me.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

BOn Vivant, WHAT?

I don’t understand what “bon vivant” means so I tried to search it in Google and so I found out that it means “A person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink”. I am not like that person because I ate what is on the table except of course the spoon and fork. I usually don’t try exotic foods or other nation’s specialty foods because sometimes my taste buds can’t bear it.

Hailey is different from me. Hailey owns Bon Vivant and I can see that she loves to try different cuisine. I am no good in cooking and I don’t even know if I am good in tasting. And her thoughts about recommending buffet is a must read. I love buffets, I love eat all you cans because I can make “tipid” (save). And how I wish I could be in Vegas once in my life and try these amazing foods Hailey writes about.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Busy Reading Yuuki

I’ve met Yuuki when I joined her contest last May. I didn’t know she owned this busy reading blog site until I’ve click the link from Red’s contest sponsors. I am a bookworm so when I see the site, I sort of like it.

The blog site’s lay out is fine with me, so simple and clean. It’s not messed up like the other sites I have visited and makes me want to leave easily. The blog’s lay-out is three columns and it rocks. And now I am thinking of how to change my lay-out from two columns to three but then again I’ll just wait for Red’s contest to end and maybe I’ll win Kaye’s blog make-over.

One thing that I will never forget in busy reading is Yuuki’s post about Mitch Albom’s book. I am a great fan of Mitch Albom and I have read Tuesday’s with Morrie too. Busy Reading is not only for bookworms but also for Manga addicts.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

GT: Watching with the Enemy

I haven't tried watching movies with my enemy (maybe because we are enemy, right?). But you'll never know, maybe you have watch the same movies in the theater and you just didn't know it.

If I have to watch a movie with my enemy I would like to suggest "Little Giants". I super love this movie when I was a kid and I still love to watch it now. It is a family comedy movie, starring Rick Moranis and Ed O'neill as two brothers who are rivals. Rick Moranis as the wimpy brother and Ed O'neill as a football star. And of course my all time favorite Devon Sawa as a Pee-Wee Football Star. I don't wanna spoil the movie, but it's like the team of best players and the team of worst players. But in the end, the wimpy players won and the two brothers learned to forgive each other.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Values in Sight

No man is an island. This is what came into my mind when I visited Better Interpersonal Communication. It’s like I am reading a book all about relationships with other people. Words such as respect, forgiveness, motivation and communication flooded this site.

Sometimes it is good to read again what you can see in this site. Because it tackles subjects which are important for our everyday living such as respect for friends, for relationships, in the workplace and even in sports. Because we often forget how to deal with other people in the right way.

Too much teleseryes and war-freak movies changes our perception with life. Too much violence on televisions and movies influences our decisions in life. So we need to refresh our memories of what we have learned when we were young and reading sites with this kind of subjects are a good way of reminding us how we should live our life.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

ARTe si Niko!!!

ARTsy Niko is owned by Niko. I met Niko when I joined Girl’s Talk because her other blog NikoGanda is the old host for that MEME. Niko is a nice person and very friendly.

ARTsy Niko has a tag line “A blog created because I am so maarte” and I like it. Because I can imagine Kris Aquino saying the word “maarte” all the time, it feels like Kris is saying this tagline when I am reading it (ahahah funny). The lay-out is cool for the eyes, and the color is just right for the blog’s name. “Pink” goes well with “maarte”, just like in the Mean Girls movie.

In ARTsy Niko, I came to know she is also a cross-stitch maker. I used to love cross-stitching until now, but I can’t seem to find a time for it anymore. I still have lots of works to get back to. She also shares her story about her kids and I love her post about her little doll because I always wanted a daughter of mine too.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Lisa's Notebook

A walk through my notebook is owned by Lisa. I came to know her blog when she visited mine and commented on my entry for Red’s contest. I love her blog lay out because it looks like a spring notebook and a cork board too (because there are pins on top of it).

Lisa changed her blog’s title and lay-out three months ago because she isn’t satisfied with the word “diary” and so she changed it to “A Walk Through my Notebook”. She even has a story about how and why she changed it in this post. As I quote Lisa saying “I blog what comes into my mind”. Like her, I also blog whatever comes into my mind, and if I don’t have anything in my mind I don’t force it. I’d rather not write anything at all, and maybe we are the same because there are months Lisa only makes one blog post.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Mommy Rubz - A Review

I have encountered many blogs and most of them are owned by Filipina Moms. Mommy Rubz is one of them and she calls herself, Filipina Mom Blogger. She was supposed to name this site Pinay Mommy but it is taken already so she decided to use Mommy Rubz instead. She even posted the reasons why in her first post in this site.

The blog site has three column, and God I am envy. Because mine is just two and I don’t know how to change it. You can easily see the MEMEs she has joined, the archives and categories, even the commentators in the left side of the site. While on the right side is for her recent posts, buttons for facebook, twitter, plurk and youtube. I can’t seem to find my way from one post to another (I can’t see the button for newer or older post) or is it just my internet?

I am a mom, and so is Mommy Rubz. Mommy Rubz have three children and the youngest just had an operation. Last May,Mommy Rubz posted about baby Bella’s Health Problem and last June it was confirmed that baby Bella has Hernia and needs surgery in order to be well. Every mother wants the best for their children and Mommy Rubz is just like any other mother in the world. Mommy Rubz decided to have a fund raising in order to come up with the money for Bella’s surgery. Bella’s godmother Pehpot help and came up with blogging for a cause project. Luckily, Baby Bella’s surgery was successful and is doing a fast recovery.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Hire Filipino Writers

PinayMommy.net is owned by Mommy Rubz. I can’t navigate to any page in this blog site so I assumed it is just a hub for advertisers and bloggers. It seemed like a blog made for people who needs work and for people who needs someone to work for them. And when I talk about this kind of work it means blogging work or writing of course.

The site looks like an “about me” page too. Simply because in here you can read all about Mommy Rubz. As I quote Mommy Rubz saying “I am a proud mommy of three beautiful children, a certified Filipina SAHM, a 100% bloggaholic, a passionate advocate for children’s cause, a true blooded Cagay-anon and a beloved adopted Negrense.

In here I’ve learned that like me, Mommy Rubz is bisaya and proud to be one. We have so many things in common except that I only have two blogs and she having 40 blogs. Isn’t she amazing? I can’t even find the time or topic to write for my two blogs and yet here she is, a super woman who can handle 40 blogs in one time. I really need her to teach me on how to manage my time with my son and do some blogging.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf reviewed

I am (again) making a blog review for My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf. This is still a part of Red’s blogversary contest. This blog is owned by Princess/Bambie. And she is one of the major sponsors for the contest.

My Thoughts, My Hearts, My Turf is a two column blog and still it is in the shade of purple. The blog’s theme is designed by Kaye, yes the wahmaholic Kaye. I love the blog’s design because it is simple and good for the eyes. I mean you could easily find what you want to read, drop your EC and you can even search for the keywords with the topics you want to know.

This blog is definitely loved by many readers because Princess has more than 100 followers already. Princess is also a member of BC bloggers which I am a member too.
She is generous and she even held her own blogversary contest before where I joined and won something (not the grand prize though). But she is a giver because she don’t want us (the contest participants who didn’t win major prizes) to walk away empty handed.

I went to Hongkong and had fun when I went to Disneyland; Princess also wants to spend some time in Disneyland with her family. Princess’ blog is an interesting one and you can’t miss it out by not visiting it.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Bambie is a Princess and so am I

I am a princess...all girls are is a blog owned by Bambie. It is quite obvious that Bambie loves purple because her site is super purple. Its lay-out is simple and it is easy to navigate through her blog site. You can easily find the topics you wanted to read because the labels can be found in one place.

Bambie not only posts about her failures and successes as a woman but also she earns through sponsored posts. I salute bloggers who earns doing what they love. And I can see that Bambie is enjoying her blogging life. Because she’s blogging for a while now, she started this blog site last October 2008 and counting.

Like me, she is also a member of my favourite MEME : Girl’s Talk. I love the posts that she has made for GT especially her post about vanity kit. The title is Not So Vain, yet you can see she has two vanity kits; one for every day use and the other for just in case situations.

I love free stuffs, and so she is. She even has a post about her love for free stuffs, isn’t it great? Because it is not easy to admit that you love someone or something.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Wahmaholic is IT

I run my own business at home; can I be considered a wahm? Maybe. But I want you to meet a blogging friend of mine who admits that she is a wahmaholic (a work at home mom who is addicted to it). Kaye or simply K is a work at home mom who owns WAHMAHOLIC – a site where she blogs about her template designs and the works she has made.

I love the template (how many times do I have to say this?). I already did a review for K’s site last February and I felt I never gave the site a more loving review that it deserves. K is good; I mean she is best in making blog designs/templates/lay-out whatever you call it. And she earns a lot of money by doing this kind of work, and I am green with envy because I can’t even change my blog design how much more make it myself. K is generous too, aside from sponsoring blog contests, she is giving away a blog make over every month (excluding July because she is too busy).

K shares her blessings to everyone and so it comes back to her a hundred fold. She celebrated her birthday last July and her Marces and blogging friends gave her a wonderful gift and you can read it in her thank you post.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Venus Raj - Miss Philippines

Today is the most beautiful day for the Universe. Beauty contest is not my forte though I tried to join some during my college days. When you are joining beauty contest, you should be confident and glamorous. You should choose well your dresses for the event as well as the earrings and charms that go great with it. So check out these earrings and charms that could go well with your dresses.

Venus Raj is competing for Miss Universe 2010 as the candidate from the Philippines. She is glamorous, gorgeous, intelligent and tall. These are the things that a beauty contestant should have. Venus Raj rises from the trials that came her way after being dethroned because of some misunderstanding and by proving that she is truly Filipino made her the best candidate for the Miss Universe 2010 contest that is happening right now.

Time is of the essence. You will know when it is the right time for you to shine and win in these beauty pageants. When we talk about time, watches are of the best helpers. Great watches are here to serve you.

Go Philippines!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Red Alert

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Her Royal Highness, Red (Marose) is celebrating her one year of service to the blogging kingdom. In connection with this big celebration, Red is giving away a lot of prizes.

For those who are interested to join, click the badge below or this link. And please, please, I am asking for your good heart to put my name (zoan) as your referrer.

End of News.

Down with the Sickness

My son was admitted at LaVina General Hospital for three days because of asthma attacks. I usually admit him in his Pedia’s hospital but last Friday it was full of patient so we had to admit him into another hospital where his Pediatrician is on-call. You see, I would not be blogging about my son’s sickness here if I was only attended well with the hospital’s nurses. This post is not for all the nurses out there but just for the nurse on duty while my son was admitted because I know that being a nurse is not an easy work. I was so pissed off this morning because of two things, one the nurse didn’t take note that my son’s IV will last only until 4:30am and two my son will be discharged after his doctor’s rounds and that JB will no longer need his antibacterial injections. I woke up 7:30am only to see that my son’s IV is only enough to last for 5 minutes and so we asked the nurse on duty to put a new one, then she told us that JB don’t need it anymore because he will be discharged. Okay, that was fine. But 8:30am, the nurse on duty came to our room in order to inject him through the dextrose with medicine only to realize that she already get it off. So when I went to pay my bills, I still pay for the last antibacterial injection even though it wasn’t used by my son. This is unfair, the vial costs more than three hundred pesos and I need to pay for it because of the nurse’s idiocy. You see, for me, it is alright to pay for it because I have the money but what about those people who earns only one hundred pesos a day? Would it be fair? No, I think not. So, I told her that I didn’t like their service, and that would be my first and last time in that hospital who pays them but didn’t give the service that patients need.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Red Hot Reviews

Red is not only contests crazy but review crazy. Yes, she is. I’ve been reading her posts old and new in her different sites so I know. And now, she made a blog site for reviews. MyRedHotReviews is a site owned by Red, from the name itself; you will know what this site all about is.

Aside from reviewing blogs for different online contests, she does a review for the sandal she bought for her son. It gives me the idea to make a review for things I bought too, and maybe it would help my readers to decide on what to buy too.

Red also made a review for a movie, Iron Man II. I haven’t done a movie review yet, and by reading this it gives me the idea on how to make a review for movies without spoiling my readers.

And I love her review for Kaye’s Wahmaholic site.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Red is Contest Crazy

Red is also the owner of redcontestcraze. It is a blog that caters almost all the contest you can think of in the blogosphere. From the name itself, you will know that it’s all about contest, freebies, and giveaways. And online contest addicts like me sure wants to bookmark this site in order for us to check this out for new contests to join and maybe win some prizes.

This site is also a member of BC Bloggers, and I am one of them too. I am glad that I’ve come to know Red, because I can learn a lot from her.

Like me, she also got her Free Kotex Luxe Sample, joined The Day Tripper Body Shop Giveaway, and won in K and Pehpot’s blogversary contest.

This site is a definitely a great find for those who are looking for online contests and giveaways. Visiting this site would make your life easier.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Earn Money Online

Earning money through the internet is not an easy task because there are many sites who offer you to earn but you have to invest first. There are a lot of scams on the internet so we, users, should know where to invest our money and time.

Red or Marose has this blog site which is called “Earn Money Online with Red”. In here you can learn a lot of things, and you can see payment proofs from different sites which she is a member of. Red also posts her reviews about blog sites for different contests in here. If you are a contest addict like me, you will also love her site because she’s like a scout for different blog and online contests. And right now she is running her 1st blogversary contest.

Earn Money Online with Red is a blog site that is worth visiting. So check it out and maybe join her contest.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

Simple Pero Rock Talaga

Simple Pero Rock is one of Red’s blog sites. I came across this site before because Red is a member of GT and Mommy Moments MEMEs. I like the blog site’s lay-out because I can easily find my way on her site. It is easy to find her old blog posts in the archive or if one wants to find a certain topic one can easily check out her categories.

Red is also a member of BC bloggers and check out her post for the BC bloggers party here and you’ll know a lot of things about her. In connection with her 1st blogversary contest, she posted her blogging experience and it was so nice to know that winning online contests is a part of her blogging life too.

In Simple Pero Rock you can view different posts for different MEMEs such as Mommy Moments, Girl’s Talk, Music Monday and Wordless Wednesday.

This is a review for Red's blogversary contest.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Win COOL stuffs

Yeah, you can win cool stuffs in Sulit.com.ph's Blog Writing Contest. You can check it out for the mechanics. As for me, I am supporting BlankPixel's entry for the contest. This is a Viral Poster for her entry and by doing so I am entitled to win (if I am lucky enough) these stuffs :

Week 1 (August 16-22): Nokia 5530
Week 2 (August 23-29): Playstation Portable
Week 3 (August 30-September 5): iPod Touch
Week 4 (September 6-September 12): Sony Cybershot

Please vote for:
http://www.justanotherpixel.net/2010/08/sulitizen-frugality-epitomized.html Sulitizen : The Epitome of Frugality
by blankPixels of Just Another Pixel

Buy and Sell Philippines
Sign Up at Sulit.com.ph
Buy and Sell Philippines

Thursday, August 19, 2010

GT: Watching with my Brothers

I super love movies, I think I am a movie-addict. But you see, I don't watch movies with my siblings. Because I have two little brothers and we don't have the same taste when it comes to movies. But I know I have watched a Disney movie with my youngest brother and I haven't watched any movie with my other younger brother. The only thing that we had watched together is *tanrantatatan* "Naruto".

Yeah, it is not a movie (but they sell the series on pirated dvds). But if I have to recommend some movie to watch with your siblings, try AVATAR. The love story behind this cool movie will make your sisters love it and your brothers will love it for the helicopters, guns and action scenes that is part of the movie.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Manila Reviews gives away a Nokia 5230

Manila Reviews is giving away a Nokia 5230. Why? Because they just want to (just kidding). They are hosting this contest simply because they are celebrating their 5th year anniversary. Who doesn't want to try their luck on winning this Nokia 5230? Because I want to try mine that's why here I am posting this. If you want to know more about the mechanics of the contest you can visit Manila Reviews and join in the fun.

I am a Nokia user ever since, and in order for me to know more about their new products I always visit Nokia's own website here. And in order for you to know more about the Nokia 5230's feature go on visit Nokia Philippines website.

Let us all try our luck and have some fun!!!


The only thing that is constant in this world is "change". Yan ang mga salitang madalas natin marinig mula sa klase. Why is it that "change" is the only thing we consider as constant? Maybe because everything in this world changes, even your feelings towards other people changes, even the life you chose to live changes. Kahit ang pananaw mo sa buhay nagbabago, hindi mo namamalayan dahan-dahan ka na palang nag-iiba at mula sa pagiging mabuti ay napapasama. Or the other way around.

Dati, napakabait kong tao, isang mabuting estudyante, dakilang kaibigan, at masunurin na anak. A constant honor student from grade school to high school. Graduated Valedictorian from a Catholic School and being the school organization President received a PGMA award. Hindi ko sinubukan ang mga bisyo dahil alam kong masama ito, hindi nagpadala sa mga barkada dahil sa pagmamahal sa pamilya at takot sa Diyos.

Subalit, darating pala talaga sa buhay ng isang tao ang madapa, magkamali sa daan na pinili o tinahak. Dahil nabulag ako sa maling pag-ibig, heto ako ngayon isang dakilang single-mom. Alam ko nagkamali ako ngunit hindi ko pinagsisihan na isinilang ko sa mundong ito ang aking anak. Siya ang naging gabay ko, ang naging inspirasyon ko para magsikap sa buhay, siya ang nagbigay tanglaw sa madilim na daan ng aking buhay.

Maraming "what ifs" at "if only" na naiisip ko dati. What if I never did those things, what if I had the chance to go back to the time I have fallen in love, what if I listened to my ex-boyfriend's parents, what if. If only I had thought about it earlier, if only I had never been so careless, if only. Pero hindi, hindi ko na maibabalik ang mga nangyari, hindi ko na pwedeng ibalik ang kahapon, at kung magagawa ko man, alam ko magpapabuntis pa rin ako. Hindi ko pinanghihinayangan na ganito ako ngayon, isang ina at ama para sa aking anak.

I have never been this grateful in my entire life. I am thankful to God for giving me my son and letting me see what I have missed in my life when I didn’t have him. I know I will never be this successful; I will never be this responsible if I didn’t give birth to my son. And so, I am changing. I have changed from a happy-go-lucky girl to a responsible and loving mom.

Katulad ng Goldilocks, nagbabago. Dati kailangan ko pang pumunta sa siyudad para lang makabili nito, pero ngayon hinihintay ko nalang umuwi mga kaibigan ko, sila na nagdadala nito mismo. Noong nabuntis ako, dinadalhan talaga ako ng mga kaibigan ko ng Goldilocks Polvoron at Goldilocks Cake. Kaya kahit ngayon na malaki na anak ko, nasanay na sila na dalhan ako nito.

Lahat nagbabago, parang Goldilocks. Kailangan mo magbago para sa ikakabuti ng lahat at kung hinihingi ito ng panahon.

Kasalan sa Kagay-an 2010

I am not getting married yet, but I know if that time comes I would hire one of the best photographers Cagayan has, Bon Aserios. Cagayan de Oro will hold its yearly bridal fair again this coming September 3 to 5. So I am calling out all the engaged couple out there to visit Lim Ket Kai Rotunda and check out Bon’s booth.
Don't miss your chance of capturing your best wedding moments in Bon's camera :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Magkaribal - Rivals

I am currently loving ABS-CBN’s new teleserye Magkaribal (Rivals). It is a story between two sisters who have been away for a long time, and when they meet again they don’t have any idea that they are sisters and became rivals not only in their line of work but also in the heart of a man. The sister’s role was played by Gretchen Baretto and Bea Alonzo, while Derek Ramsay played their love interest. I would love to watch Derek’s abs every night.

Red is Turning One Plus a $300 Giveaway!!!

I know Red because I usually come across her during blog contests, she is fond of contest and so am I. And guess what, today is her turn of having a blogversary contest because her blog is turning 1.
There are three ways to win in Red's Contest :
*Blog Post Entry
*Highest Pointer
*Raffle Draw

Check her site for the mechanics and prizes here. If you join her contest please tell her that I brought you there. Zoan :)


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mommy Moments: Books

mommy moments

Today is Friday. Today is Mommy Moments Day. This week the topic is Books. I am a book-lover, you may call me a bookworm and I love to teach my son to love books too. So I bought him these lovely books here :
And right now, he is loving this little book my mom bought for me when I was young.

He loves to listen to me when I tell the story about this book.

The August Comment Challenge

I just visited Vera's site and I found out about "The August Comment Challenge!".

I know I am not the best commenter out here because I have this super-sloooooooow internet connection but I will try to beat the 1000 Comment challenge.
Here's how it works:

Harriet&Friends challenge you to make 1000 comments during the month of August. If you succeed at this task, Harriet will have a very cool blog button award for you to show off :)

1. Sign up here on the linky.
2. Place the Comment Challenge button on your sidebar (I check the blog of everyone who signs up. If I do not see the button, I will delete you. I just do not like spammers)
3. Start by commenting the other people going for the challenge.
4. When you hit 1000, come back here and let me know. I’ll post your name on this post which is a very cool thing!