Monday, November 29, 2010

Starbucks Giveaway

I really, really, really want to own a Starbucks Planner and I haven't seen one in my own eyes. We don't have a Starbucks Coffee Shop here in my place and the very nearest one is in Cagayan de Oro which has opened just last month I think.

I really need your help with this one and if ever I won one, I will be very happy :)

So, how can you help me? Please like Nomnom Club's FB page and then comment on my submitted picture, the picture with the most number of comments on December 15, 2010 wins the planner.

Thank You so much Guys.

More on Black-Outs

Black outs and Lightning were my enemy for these past few days because I simply cannot turn on my laptop due to power blackout and the lightning, the lightning has hit the cell tower of Smart here in my place. I don’t want to get old worrying and having a stressful night thinking of how to do all my tasks because I simply cannot do some research without my laptop turned on. Using Mr. Google to look for me some important knowledge stored in him and while checking and reading different articles I could also read some new products about Christian Dior which can keep my youthful glow intact.

But then again, the heavens have not hear my woes, and when I have asked the Smart Center when will our signal can come back, the person just told me that they do not know because technicians are off duty on Sundays. Dear God, how can I keep my wrinkles from sprouting if I encounter such problems? Thanks to Borghese for a collection of different face and body products that can keep my skin in a good shape effectively.

Too much about desperation and my distress self, I really want to get myself a rest. Because worrying for problems like that won’t get the job done, I cannot change the fact that I am not a technician and I don’t know anything about returning the signal to my cell phone and plug it back and the only thing I could do is to use apply some Clinique products on my face to keep it clean and comforted.

Dressing Up Blogs according to Grace

I do not know how to design my own blog's theme, I don't even know how to make a badge for my blog, ever for a simple one. That is why reading and visiting Grace's Blog site about Dressing Up Your Blog is a fun thing for me to do.

What inspires me most about this blog site is that Grace shares different views about designing and creating themes for a blog site. And my fave post is Grace's tips on Creating and Designing a Blog.

I mean, hey, who have thought of writing clearly, I mean in black and white what you must and you must do in designing your blog? Yes, there are other blog entries or blog posts from different blog owners or blog sites but Grace has attack the article differently.

I know not so many things about blog designing and what to put and how to put the things in my blog and I am glad that I have read this post because I know now that I should resize the pictures that I am uploading together with my blog entries and that I should not over decorate my blog and I really need to organize my widgets. Thanks to Grace.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

I wanted to be a SPY

I love watching CSI TV program series and Leverage. I am also beginning to love NCIS aside from my devoted time for Numbers. Hey I am beginning to think and act likes a CSI agent sometimes that I really wanted to buy a Key Logger in order to know what my brothers are using my laptop for. Maybe they are checking those cheats again for different PS games they have in their rooms or maybe they are checking on what’s the in fashion for men these days.

If only I could be somewhat a spy in my own way, because sometimes I feel like I am Angelina Jolie on that SALT movie or perhaps Jennifer Garner when she starred ALIAS. It felt like a sexy way of thinking for me, huh but really, I wanted to go to school somewhere where I could learn all that stuff.

Sometimes I wonder where my brothers are going because they don’t tell me where they are taking the car. I really want to know where because I end up filling the fuel tank and they just use it every time and the car gets home with almost an empty tank. A GPS tracking device might be of use and I am thinking of buying one.

With all these technologies, I might end up being Mrs. Smith after all.

A Great Pinay MOM

I have visited Pinay Mom many times already but I forgot where I really have found my way to it. I love the blog entries which tackle different topics and just about anything about being a mom and about being in the Philippines.

My favorite blog post in Pinay Mom is the 5 PinayMom tips when applying for a Credit Card. Honestly, I already have a Credit Card way back last year, 2009. I was not a fan of Credit Card because there is no such use for the plastic in my place. I came from a hometown where cash is always better than credit and there are no shops, malls or gasoline stations that would accept a payment using a Credit Card. But I just know in Pinay Mom why a person must have a Credit Card and why and when to apply for it. I know what budgeting means and I know where my money should go, I have a stable income generating business so therefore I could get one. Before, I seldom use my Credit Card but now I have learned how to use it and I always pay on time in order to avoid big interest that the bank is earning from me. I just use it when I needed it and for convenience purposes only.

And for those who have no Credit Cards yet and thinking of having one, better check out Pinay Mom’s say about the plastic before getting one.

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Online Tutoring can be Cheap

Online Tutoring has come a long way. Back in the 70s there are were no tutors for kids and college students, they need to be a Math problem solver in order to pass the exam and they need to do their home works on their own with a little help from their parents. Come early 90s, tutoring has become a sideline for teachers who need to earn more money but there are also Free math help for those who can’t afford to have a tutor.

These days, Online Tutoring is the next big thing, Math homework help and Free homework help can be found on the internet and so it is easy for students who cannot find some help in school or at home on how to solve different College Algebra expressions. We already know that Math, everything about Math is hard but it will be easier if a student can get a lot of help.

There are many online tutoring sites but finding the right site at the cheapest cost is sometimes hard. It is a good thing though that Factoring Polynomials can also be found in online tutoring sites because it is one of the hardest part of the Math subject. Math word problems can be easy and fun with the help of online tutoring sites.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black out plus No Signal equals No Work DONE

Yesterday and today was the worst day of my blogging life. I know that I should be thankful to God for every day that comes into my life because it is a blessing that I had another day to spend my life with. But I just hate my day yesterday and today because of the black out and no signal problem in my place. Yeah, you read it right. I've lost my connection and I have lost some $$$.

But then again, I am still thankful because after all the lightnings and thunder last night, nothing happened bad to us, except for the laptop charger of my father because I think it was caught by the lightning and it exploded.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Last Thursday for November and I am so happy to say that I didn't MISS one. The last topic is what we shop in the accessories or apparel section. I am a TEE fan, especially those which has quotes or different sayings printed on them. I love to visit Penshoppe because they have Express-On t-shirts and that is what I love most. I am a fan of jeans before but right now I go for shorts. I love to go scouring for some ukay-ukay too. When I was young my mom would not buy me new stuffs because we don't malls here, but we have so many ukay-ukay in the market. It is cheaper yet a very good quality of clothing.

When it comes to accessories, I am an addict but I don't buy expensive ones. When I was in College I used to go to the Cogon Market in CDO and check for the Taiwanese stores that sell trinkets, earrings and bracelets at lower and wholesale prices. It is a great gift for god-daughters you know. But now, my mom is the one who buys me stuffs like that. Especially when she goes out of town because she knows I would love a new earring or necklace in my collection.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Change in Kikamz Body

Motherhood is a cycle in a woman’s life where every woman encounters the greatness of God and the miracle of life.

My favorite post in Kikamz’ blog site is the Look Who’s Pregnant?! Post. Giving birth or being pregnant is definitely a woman’s true essence. In this post, Kikamz shares how she discovered that she is pregnant, the emotions that fill her, she even tells us when she got pregnant. She also tells us that she can’t make it without her husband’s help. I am happy that Kikamz had a husband to share her joy and pain while she is pregnant, craving for different foods and all that stuffs, going to the OB for the monthly check ups. A very supportive and caring husband indeed she had and every woman in the world deserves to have one.

I can relate well to this post, the pregnant part and giving birth minus the husband story part because as I said I am a single mom. I went through every Kikamz adventure with being pregnant. The only thing is, I did it SOLO. I have no husband to love me, care for me or support me while on labor and giving birth at the hospital. But I am happy that I have a family who loves me dearly and shows me that I am loved by taking care of me while I needed help. Sometimes I did wish that I have that someone too, but maybe in time I will.

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I Want 50x More Poise under Pressure with Fairer Skin

I think most of you, my readers, already know that I have a small farm and a little business here in our town. I don’t do the dirty and hard work in the farm but I still visit the farm. I went there to survey and to check if the people who I pay to work really get the work done. I also check if the crops (sugarcane) are doing well and if ever the crops still need some fertilizers in order to grow more. I sell coke for a living (Coca-Cola). Sometimes when my salesman/driver is not around, I drive the Elf in order to deliver the stocks. I cannot just sit around and wait for my salesman to be present in order to deliver the stocks because loss sales for the day will not be sales tomorrow. And these two situations, I always encounter Mr. SUN.

My mom has fair skin; she has Spanish and Chinese blood maybe that is why she is fair-skinned. My dad is super-brown if there is such a word, he is Ilocano and a typical Filipino, sometimes people describe him as tall, dark and never mind (LOL). That is Milk and Coffee team up and so the result is Coffee but not black (ahahaha).

There are times that when I look into the mirror, I am happy to have fair colored skin but there are also times that I want to be fairer. Yeah, I have tried putting on sunscreens, lotions to make me white, but I never tried drinking those whitening pills though because I am scared for the side effects. There are soaps who claim that it can make you have that “Artista-looking skin” but I have doubts though.

I work under pressure and I don’t like to worry much because it makes me look older. I want 50x more poise under pressure with fairer skin. I want to focus on my work and not worrying about getting dark that is what I really want!

And like Earthlingorgeous I want 50x more fairer skin. Thanks to L'oreal for creating such innovation.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Soap

I don't know if you can still remember when I put an ad about the J and J's Mommy Survey here in my Blog.

But I can still remember it and guess what the man from LBC delivered to my house : 12 pieces of Johnson's Baby Bedtime Soap.

I love the SMELL so much.

Thanks Nuffnang and J and J.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

GT:Home Section

I don't want to miss Girl's Talk that is why I am here again making my blog entry for this week's topic.

I am not my mom so you will not find me in the home or house ware section in the Malls. I am still living with my parents that is why I don't need to buy anything lacking in the kitchen or in the house. Maybe there are times that my mom would ask me to buy something for the house.

But when the time comes that I needed to buy some new stuffs for my new house then I'd probably stay longer in the kitchenware :D

Fat Girl No More is Still a Little Girl

I have made so many blog entries about Teacher Ria. She is the author of Yapatoots and Fat Girl No More.

I already made a blog review for Fat Girl No More and I am not making another one just yet. I will just make a blog entry about my favorite post in Ria's Fat Girl No More. Even though I don't have a "how to lose that weight" problem I still love to read Ria's journey in fighting obesity. Because the blog is just not all about how to conquer that fats but it also caters to different advocacy and topics that she feels like writing.

My favorite post is that Little Girl Lost in the Moment entry by Ria. Each and every one of us has that child inside us that even though how far our dreams and ambitions have taken us we will still sometimes feel inferior and lost. I can relate to her story, about what she has written. Ria says that she knows how to take care of the people she loves and yet she doesn’t know how to take care of herself that way.

I can relate to this post so much because sometimes I also feel so alone and that I worry so much about things that are not important. The bottom line, I think, is that everyone needs someone to take care of them too. It is not that we cannot take care of ourselves, we just need that someone who will show us why we exist, why we are here, why on earth we are alive.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Georyl is Blogging with Her Heart


I have come to know Gee ( because of the exchange link project by Mommy Vernz. I was checking the stats or my site (Farm Girl Blogger) and then one of the referring links came from Gee. So I paid her site a visit and I was thankful that I did because there are so many things that one can learn from her site.

Last October, Gee hosted a giveaway and I joined (I am a contest-addict, remember?). I joined and well, I won twice for 1000 EC credits and I also won the special prize, free hosting for one year with free domain. I didn't know that I have so many comments in her site because I thought more people were interested to win (there were many people who joined and won different prizes).

Well, this post is not about how I met Georyl but about my favorite post in her site. My choice would be Georyl's article about "her man". Well, every girl dreams of her own fairy tale, her own Cinderella story, her own Prince Charming and here Georyl finds her own man. This post is indeed was blogged by Georyl with her Heart. Anybody could write anything, topics that is about things, people, places, but not all people could write something like this just out of the blue. This kind of article needs to be written with a heart and here it is, a very beautiful article about a man that not only met Georyl's standards but has surpassed it.

I was touched by this post because I am a woman myself and I have met my ideal man too, me and Gee have the same qualities in our list for our ideal man and meeting them (our man) is a chance of a lifetime. A chance that we should not let pass and glad that we didn't.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Blog is Do Follow

I hope I did the right thing in order to make this blog a Do Follow. Because if I didn't then I am disqualified to join Mhel's Contest.

Please tell me that I have done the right thing. Any body?

Anyways, I still have one thing to do, that is to learn how to make a sticky post. Anybody could tell me how?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Life Can't Wait 1st Ever Giveaway

The Prizes:

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And a special prize for local bloggers only (Philippines residents) courtesy by my lovely friend, Lira!
To qualify in the drawing for the this lovely necklace, you MUST be residing in the Philippines AND have added Lira's Facebook Online Account

The Sponsors:

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I am joining! YAY!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

GT:Health and Beauty Buff

I will just answer this given question by Niko "As a shopaholic, what do you usually fill in your grocery basket from the health and beauty section?".

The things I put into my grocery basket in the health and beauty section are Safeguard soap, Palmolive shampoo, the sanitary napkins and feminine wash. I don't buy lotions because I always have them for FREE (my aunts and cousins from abroad keeps on giving me lotions and colognes as "pasalubongs").

I don't get to shop at Watson's because I need to travel 5 hours in order to be in SM-CDO.

Nursing Wanna Be

I am a Commerce student once in my life and I never regretted being one. I used to love accounting and I still love it now, calculators, columnar sheets and pencils were my best friends back then. It never occurred to me to study nursing though my Aunts and cousins (who are nurses) always persuade me to study nursing. But now, I think I want to be a nurse because aside from the hefty salary I could get (if ever I can pass the board exam and work abroad) I could wear nursing scrubs and uniforms that is very fashionable.

I didn’t know that there are so many choices for nursing uniforms and scrubs, I could try pink scrub because pink is my favorite color. A commerce graduate works in an office where the only thing that an office employee could wear is the company uniform, where in nurses have the choice of wearing different scrubs complete set.

Well, I think it is not too late to go back to school and study nursing and wear those cool scrubs!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deathbyplatforms with Cole Vintage Giveaway

Deathbyplatforms, in partnership with Cole Vintage, is having it's first ever giveaway and I am definitely joining.
One lucky reader will win a P2,500 GC from Cole Vintage and I am crossing my fingers but hey, you can join too and try your luck, check it out here.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Jay L Aquino's Birthday

And he is celebrating it with a GIVEAWAY :)

Here are the PRIZES that you can win if you join:
1st - P500 worth of SM Gift Certificate (or PayPal money with the same value)
2nd -P300 worth of SM Gift Certificate (or PayPal money with the same value)
3rd - P200 worth of SM Gift Certificate (or PayPal money with the same value)
4th - Three Exclusive Movie Shirts
5th - P100 worth of mobile loads (or PayPal money with the same value)
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10th - P100 worth of mobile loads (or PayPal money with the same value)

Interested? Head on to this SITE and choose how you want to join.
Jay L is the author of these amazing sites: Jay.eLx, and , check it out too :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon

Malapit na ang Pasko, at hindi maku-kumpleto ang Noche-Buena kung hindi kumpleto and Pamilyang Pilipino. Subalit dahil may mga pagkakataong hindi maiiwasan na ang ating mga mahal sa buhay ay malayo sa atin ngayong Pasko, huwag nating kalimutan na ipa-abot sa kanila na kahit malayo man sila, andito sila sa ating mga puso, i-text, tawagan, o i-chat natin sila para ipagdiriwang ang Pasko.

Ako, bilang Pilipino, bilang mapagmahal na kapamilya/kapuso/kabarkada, ay sumusuporta kay Noypi sa kanyang Christmas Card entry para sa Sulit contest.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Online Tutoring might be the Solution

My life is like an open book already from the time I have decided to make a blog. And yet there are still things that people don’t know about me. As far as I can remember, I am good in solving Math Questions even when I was in grade school. Solving Math problems are my thing and making essays are not. It is easy for me to perfect a Math exam rather than writing a 15 sentences essay answer to an essay question. In high school, I even received the Mercury Drug Math Excellence Award.

But I am not good at all subjects. I needed Chemistry help when I had the subject in Third year high school. My teacher was one of the “terror” professors in our school and it was not easy listening to her while looking at her fierce eyes. Chemistry was a bit hard maybe because there are no motivations for me to study more and excel at the subject. Maybe I was just not good when it comes to the Science subjects because I also seek for Physics help.

If only online tutoring was available when I was young, studying for an exam won’t be difficult. Even college students still needs tutoring at these subjects because a student cannot easily learn through common sense or by studying by themselves. I was once a student and I know that it is a great help if there are people who are more interested to teach them without spanking them.

GT:Grocery Shopping

The topic for November in GT is all about $hopping!
I can't seem to find new photos that is in the Grocery Area, so let me just post this one.

The picture above is taken at Davao, NCCC mall I think.

But now that my son is already big and can push his own grocery cart, my money is not enough anymore for our groceries. Why? Because he buys his own foods and drinks too aside from the things that I needed to buy. Jb's cart will be full of biscuits (skyflakes, oreo, rebisco chocolate coated biscuits), drinks (chuckie's choco milk, nestle fresh milk, yakult) and candies while my cart is full of his diapers (pampers), milk (Nido 3plus), junk foods (V-cut, chippy, muncher), bread and spreads.