Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Values in Sight

No man is an island. This is what came into my mind when I visited Better Interpersonal Communication. It’s like I am reading a book all about relationships with other people. Words such as respect, forgiveness, motivation and communication flooded this site.

Sometimes it is good to read again what you can see in this site. Because it tackles subjects which are important for our everyday living such as respect for friends, for relationships, in the workplace and even in sports. Because we often forget how to deal with other people in the right way.

Too much teleseryes and war-freak movies changes our perception with life. Too much violence on televisions and movies influences our decisions in life. So we need to refresh our memories of what we have learned when we were young and reading sites with this kind of subjects are a good way of reminding us how we should live our life.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.


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