Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Venus Raj - Miss Philippines

Today is the most beautiful day for the Universe. Beauty contest is not my forte though I tried to join some during my college days. When you are joining beauty contest, you should be confident and glamorous. You should choose well your dresses for the event as well as the earrings and charms that go great with it. So check out these earrings and charms that could go well with your dresses.

Venus Raj is competing for Miss Universe 2010 as the candidate from the Philippines. She is glamorous, gorgeous, intelligent and tall. These are the things that a beauty contestant should have. Venus Raj rises from the trials that came her way after being dethroned because of some misunderstanding and by proving that she is truly Filipino made her the best candidate for the Miss Universe 2010 contest that is happening right now.

Time is of the essence. You will know when it is the right time for you to shine and win in these beauty pageants. When we talk about time, watches are of the best helpers. Great watches are here to serve you.

Go Philippines!


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