Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ganda Ever So Much-AKO?

I stumble upon through Vernz's blogsite when she posted about the site here. I don't know how or why I click the link, maybe because I love freebies and I love to join the contest that's why I head on to I know I am lucky but I guess I was too late to join the WEEK #2 Be the Lucky Commenter Contest.

Ganda Ever So Much!

Do I have to really write my first impression about the blog site? Guess I need to in order to qualify, right? Well, I like the blog design, it is easy to navigate on the pages I want to see or to check out the archive and read the posts I want to know more about. Aside from the gold on the frog's teeth, the butterflies catches my attention and it keeps me from wandering away.

Here I am, answering all the questions Orman has posted, just like a beauty contest. And for the million dollar question which states : "Why do you keep coming back on this site?" , the answer lies not only on the site itself but on the owner of the site as well. I love the site itself, because I can relate. There are so many things to know in this world and you can start learning it through reading Orman's site. I am a newbie blogger and I know I can gain a lot in aside from winning those prizes (though, I would love to win. winkwink). Aside from gaining and learning, visiting and reading makes me laugh for no reason at all. Everybody needs a laugh once in a while to lighten your heart from too much stress so head on to Orman's site and give yourself a break. The owner, Orman, is a very interesting and a nice person(I don't know him that much but I can see through his posts).

This is my post for Orman's blogging contest, you can join me by checking out the contest mechanics here.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I won in MelandRia's giveaway

LuckyZoan strikes again.
I don't how or why Mr. Luck is on my side, but thanks anyway for all those great prizes I have won on the internet.

I won Avon's Anew 360 degrees white in melandria's contest.

I don't spend big amount of money in order to be beautiful, I simply wash my face with water to keep all the dirt away. But now that I have Avon's Anew 360 degrees white, I might try it to keep my skin look younger and beautiful.

Thanks Ria.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GT: My Life inside my Bag

The Bag I am using right now is a new one. I bought this bag last May when I went to Hongkong Disneyland. And I am loving it.
What is inside my bag? Check 'em out.
1. A mickey mouse inspired bag.
2. My BDO checkbook.
3. My Guess Wallet.
4. My vanity kit.
5. My cellphone case (which holds my Samsung B3410 and N70 phones).
6. Ballpen.
7. Hair care.
8. My Oakley crosshair shades.

I will still join GT next month. See yah Kaye.

I Almost lost my son at the mall today

I am sure glad that the NVM mall in Valencia City is a small mall. I almost lost my son today at the mall and I can't believe how or why I lost sight of him. The last time I check he was just there, standing and waiting for me at the entrance of Chowking and the next minute he was gone. After 30 minutes of looking for him all over the place from 1st floor to the 3rd floor, my brother saw him in the store which sells hotwheels and match box cars.

JB was just there, standing, looking up at the toys pointing to the little jeepney. When I saw him, I told my 3 years old son that I was so scared thinking I lost him. And he answered me back "Ma, I am looking at the toys and basket balls and I was hiding from you" laughing.

In a minute there, I think I almost lost my self. I don't know what will happen to me if I really lost him. I will never let him out of my sight again after what happened.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a Letter to my Father


Though you have never been a good father to me for the past 5 years, I am still thankful because you are the reason why I am here, breathing, living my life. I still thank God because He gave us the time to bond and share my childhood with you. And now that I am turning 25 and not your baby anymore, without you taking care of me, without you making me feel loved, without you in the family, still, I know time will come that we will be okay. It might not happen now, but I still hope it will. Though I am still angry of what you have done and how much it affects my life in a negative way, I still want to say "Happy Father's Day!". You might not know I have greeted you because I can't say it in front of you, I still love you Tatay. I hope you will realize how important is your family more than anything else before it's too late.


from Aspire 4736Z to Aspire 4745G

I have bid goodbye to my old lappy and it broke my heart to see him go. But I am happy to have my new lappy, Aspire 4745G. It is way more faster than my old one.

I am thinking of giving my lappy a name, any suggestions? ;p

Thursday, June 17, 2010

GT:Wallet Invasion

This is my wallet. It was given by a very dear friend of mine (I don't buy branded wallets maybe that's why she gave this to me. heheh)
Thanks to Lori for giving me a beautiful Guess Wallet.

My wallet is full of cards (I love to put plastics inside my wallet).

My mom is a divine mercy devotee and my father loves Our Lady of Manaoag.

I keep track of my credit card consumption that's why I kept my copy of the bills, and I also put some important calling cards inside my wallet.

These are my plastics inside my wallet, I still have my 4th year college ID card way back school year 2005-06. My membership ID's in different shops, my ATMs, credit card and my driver's license.

I love to collect paper bills from different countries, some of these money I purchased myself and some were given to me by my friends.

And when I checked my wallet for this GT, I found out that I still have my receipts from the hospital when my son was admitted and some receipts when I bought fertilizers for my farm.

Does my wallet shows what kind of person am I?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Giligan's Island Restaurant

One thing I will never ever forget with my Tagaytay Escapade is the FOOD.
The food in Giligan's Island is simply awesome.
I super love the place, the ambiance, the people and the FOOD.
If I will be given the chance again to visit Tagaytay, I will surely visit Giligan's Island for their delicious foods and I mean it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

tee addict

Here I am again, back to my old self...
I am trying to be a lady and yet here I am buying my one fave thing "T-shirts"...

I just can't help it, but when I saw these t-shirts in Penshoppe, I know I have to buy them...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GT : Vanity Kit

What's inside this vanity kit of mine?

What do we have here :)
Lip gloss from penshoppe, lipstick from Maybelline (I won through their contest), a perfume and I forget what scent it is (a refilled one), beauty rush luminous shadow (from my cousin), eye liner from Avon, a mirror, dental floss, and a rosary ...

Am I vain enough? teehee, I guess not...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Thanks to Sunsilk for saving me a few bucks. Because instead of buying, I got this one for free...

I am currently using this shampoo and conditioner and I feel gorgeous. (yeah, I am not kidding)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Will I do if I won $100 on the internet?

This is my official entry for Noel and Levy’s thanksgiving contest.
I am a single-mom, working hard for my son, trying to give him everything he needs and wants.

After fulfilling all his needs, I try to give him the things that make him happy simply because I love him. And so, here I am buying the toys that I thought would last for a year or so.
But guess what, this toy only lasted for a month. I tried to fix it, and brought it to a machine shop, and the guy welded the two pieces together up the front side, after two weeks, the seat and the tires in the back let loose. Poor baby JB. He loves it so much but I don’t understand how he broke the poor toy.

And this one right here is the older one. At least it lasted for half a year before JB breaks it and he was crying so hard because he fell in love with it and we can’t fix it.

I thought to myself that I am wasting so much money for toys that don’t last for long. It hurts my pocket and it breaks my baby’s heart.

So, if I will win $100 on the internet, I will surely buy something durable toy car even if it is expensive. I know I found the perfect toy somewhere in Pehpot’s blog so I hunt her site for the picture. And here it is :

Noel and Levy's Thanksgiving Contest

I am a reader of Levy's Living Life to the Fullest.
She and her husband is hosting a contest right now and I am one of the sponsors.
You might be interested to join their contest and win lots of money.

Here are the beautiful sponsors:

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thanks to Yapatoots

Oh Yeah. Are you with me?

For starters, I shared the things that I am grateful for this year because Yapatoots asked me to (I joined her contest that’s why). So, you can read about my post here. And guess what, I am the first one to make an entry so I won as the early bird.

The contest has a prize for the top commentator so I tried my best to make comments 3 times a day just to win. When I had my out of the country vacation, I think I didn’t post a comment for 6 days and that makes me sad because it means I may lose but I didn’t lose hope and still made a comment every day. My hard work has paid off, because I won.

Ain’t I just lucky? Woohoo..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mommy Moments:Unforgettable Summer

mommy moments

Last Summer, my cousins from States went home for Sly's wedding. After the wedding, they all went to Bukidnon to visit relatives and spend some time with the cousins.

JB enjoyed the summer heat in the pool. He simply loves water, he splashes with it.

These pictures were taken after the summer splashing. It was a very unforgettable event, because we only see each other every two or five years. At least our sons and daughters would know each other.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

GT: Shower Loot

What is inside my shower loot? uh-uh... I wasn't ready to make a post about GT. I am in the hospital right now because JB is sick. And when I check my belongings, I didn't bring with me any shower paraphernalia. Only a sachet of shampoo and a soap.

This goes without saying that I don't spend so much time in the bathroom. ahahaha

What is your shower loot?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Watch to Die for...

Maver the Blog owner of GOSSIP GEHL is giving away a watch that you anyone would love to have.

I, myself is a Patriot. I love my country and I would never leave it for greener pastures but I will help rebuild it.

Check it out at Gossip Gehl's Freebie Friday #5.

Why I deserve to WIN WAHMaholic's Blog Makeover Giveaway

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway

I am joining WAHMaholic’s Monthly Makeover Giveaway! Here’s what’s at stake:

Up to $100 worth of WordPress or Blogger Makeover including:

  • custom header and footer
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  • fancy post title font
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  • personalized signature
  • fancy comment section
  • layout style of winner’s choice
  • and anything else that will make the makeover fab

For more details on how to gain raffle points for the giveaway, head on to WAHMaholic’s blog for details. Below is my entry for the month of June.

WHY I DESERVE/NEED A BLOG MAKEOVER : I need a blog makeover because eversince I started blogging, I never had a blog makeover simply because I do not know how to change it into something nice. I super wish that I would have a blog makeover that will make my readers appreciate my blogsite more. Hello Fairy Kaye, please make my wish come true.