Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I don't need a man - a break from all those reviews

I posted this shout-out in my YM “I don’t need a man” and guess what? A hell lot of people reacted. My teacher in AIS (accounting information system) who is already in Dubai or somewhere in the east asks why and is it because I got pregnant and left behind by the father’s baby. And I told him of course not. I don’t hate men sir, I just don’t need them. Because I think I am better off a single mom than married to a very irresponsible guy. Look I ain’t saying this because he left me, I am the one who left him, and I just want to make things clear. In today’s time being pregnant should not push you to get married (to all youths out there please don’t listen to me or my advices). But for me (I am saying this on my behalf only and based on my experience) marrying because I got pregnant is not the answer to my problem it only adds up.

I am not encouraging youths of today to get F*cked up and get pregnant and then be a single mom. You should think many times before you enter into this situation, before giving up your virginity to a man that you think is the best boyfriend you ever had. Life is a constant change. Think about your future, think about the life that is ahead of you, and think about your family. If I could turn back time I should have done otherwise in order to fulfill my dreams without an extra baggage, but I so love my very adorable son that I don’t live with regrets. It’s just that when I came into this situation I know right there and then that I don’t need to get married in order to save my dignity or my family’s name.

I leave you these words: “Don’t get married for the wrong reasons. Get married when you feel you are ready and willing to do what you need to do and if you can fulfil the vows you will say in front of the whole world and in front to God.”

Blog Appetite Review

When I first read Blog Appetite in Kaye’s teasers I thought it was a blog about cooking, and I was wrong. Blog Appetite is a personal blog by Mye. She is not in any way a WAHM or a SAHM; she is a working mom who still has time for her kids and her blog.

The blog’s design is super-nice, good for the eyes, because of its color combination I love to hang out to Mye’s blog site. It’s so cute it looks like a scrap book.

Mye is a proud mommy to her twins Eika and Ysha, who wouldn’t be if you have pretty little girls like them. You can view her stories about her beautiful twins in kid’s categories. Mye also found out that 50% of her time is spend on work (who doesn’t anyway?) and only 30% is spent on her kids and 10% on scrapping and blogging. She is a working mom but still she has the time to posts and fills in her blog site with what she has done for the last 24 hours. Isn’t it cool? Because it’s hard to balance your time with your work and your family, what more if need to divide your time with three things.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Brisbane Australia Review

Brisbane Australia is a very useful website for all readers out there. You will love everything about this website because it offers everything about Brisbane Australia.

The website’s designs are good for the eye, reader-friendly and easy to locate the topics you are interested into. Brisbane Australia offers you the must-sees when you are in Brisbane, you can also check out Brisbane’s Top Ten Hotels in this website.

If you love the nightlife and you are in Brisbane, don’t have anyone to ask about it, then check out Brisbane Australia’s post about nightlife in Brisbane. Brisbane Australia is a very helpful site for all the readers, internet users, tourists out there because in here you can find anything you want about the place. It has the best Hotel Directory too (will try that when I get there).

There are a lot to do when you are in Brisbane, check out some in Brisbane Australia's website you might find some ideas of what to expect and what to do when you get there.

Brisbane Australia also offers their Best Seafood Buffet and Coffee Shops in these sites without running to and fro in Brisbane. Isn’t it amazing? You are in front of your computer and you see and learn all about Brisbane in just one click.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.

CameraSexy Review

A photoblog (or photolog, or phlog) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. It differs from a blog through the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text. (According to our dear Wikipedia).

CameraSexy is a photoblog maintained by who else but Pehpot (this is where I realize that Pehpot’s OCness is “sagad sa buto”). She has 8 different blogs for 8 different subjects/topics. CameraSexy is Pehpot’s online album, I believe. Her topics ranges from her kids, work or just anything that can be picture taken. I am a camera whore but the only thing I am taking is myself (too much love of self). And now, thanks to blog hopping I’ve learned the other usefulness of my camera. That is to take pictures of the surroundings, foods that I have consumed, places that I have been and the beauty of nature and people all around me.

Talking about camerasexy, the template is super-cool, no distractions because the ads are below the pictures. This leaves you the pictures Pehpot has taken. She has a lot of pictures to share, categories that are diversified and different models/subjects. And this blog review would not be complete without Pehpot’s sample pictures. After checking the one I posted here, check some out in her site.

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Home Buddies Review

Home Buddies is a personal blog of Fedhz. There is a wide variety of topics. And I love it how Fedhz came up with her categories; there are major topics and sub-topics to make the search easier. The sites color and design is good for the eye. It’s like a garden in your backyard.

Fedhz have done a lot of reviews too, aside from blog reviews there are product and movie reviews too. She also has entries for the weekly memes such as “Tuesday Couch Potatoes” and “Mommy Moments”.

I love her tips for making money online because I am a new blogger and want to earn money online (wink-wink). It’s hard to find some reliable money sources nowadays because there are a lot of frauds and scammers, so it’s nice if you knew someone using that referral thingy. Because you feel safe from scammers and you won’t be wasting your time working for them. Looking at those earnings make me drool and say to myself “get your ass working babe”.

She has tips for mommies out there and she also has these tech tidbits which can help you about techie’s things (I’m not good at anything about PCs).

Calling all my readers (if there are any) to head on Fedhz site and learn something new.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.