Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ARTe si Niko!!!

ARTsy Niko is owned by Niko. I met Niko when I joined Girl’s Talk because her other blog NikoGanda is the old host for that MEME. Niko is a nice person and very friendly.

ARTsy Niko has a tag line “A blog created because I am so maarte” and I like it. Because I can imagine Kris Aquino saying the word “maarte” all the time, it feels like Kris is saying this tagline when I am reading it (ahahah funny). The lay-out is cool for the eyes, and the color is just right for the blog’s name. “Pink” goes well with “maarte”, just like in the Mean Girls movie.

In ARTsy Niko, I came to know she is also a cross-stitch maker. I used to love cross-stitching until now, but I can’t seem to find a time for it anymore. I still have lots of works to get back to. She also shares her story about her kids and I love her post about her little doll because I always wanted a daughter of mine too.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.

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  1. wow thanks for the review! :)

    am so tats hihih