Thursday, August 12, 2010

GT: Mr and Mrs SMITH

I love movies, who doesn't? And I love this week's GT theme, Movies you want to watch with your bf or husband. I would like to recommend one of my favorite movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I love action-pack, love stories, comedies, horror, etc movies. I love all types of movies, promise, even war movies.

For those who haven't seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith (if ever there is), its lead stars are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie respectively. I love the lead stars and I love the movie. The twists and turns make me catch and grasps for my breath. The story revolve between a husband and a wife who were on a therapy in order to save their marriage without knowing that they are both assassins. They only find out about it when they were hired to kill each other for being the top assassins in the world. I find the movie humorous and action-packed. It is best to watch at night, cuddling with your husband, eating the popcorn and having a soda.


  1. oo nga.. nakalimut na ko ani. pero nakit-an na nako ni... bitaw eat popcorn isa ka sako... hahaha...salamat sa laag.

  2. Haven't watch this Mr and Mrs. Smith but I remember I have seen the trailer.. almost forgot on my list..tnx for reminding.. mine is uplate here

    I am your new follower :)

  3. I have seen this movie a couple of years ago, it was a good one!

    Here's mine:

  4. i was able to watch it... nice one...

  5. great pick, hubby and I watched this, since I am a fan of Angelina and he's of Brad..Nice movie.

  6. twas a sexy, fun movie
    Traveling Suitcase
    Aug Chall

  7. i am crazy over angelina, and i have seen this of course! i wouldn't let this pass, especially since this is where brad and angelina fell in love. hee hee. astig to. sex after/while destroying the house. LOL