Thursday, August 5, 2010

GT: Mean Girls

I would love to watch "Mean Girls" with my girlfriends and this will be the movie I will recommend for you girlies to watch. Simply because watching it brings me back to my old high school days and let me remember the things that made me laugh, cry, smile, hate and love about high school.

Hello... Who doesn't miss high school?

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  1. I miss my high school days of course. But I love my college days kasi mas may freedom ako, hehehe!:)

  2. oh yes! this is definitely fun to watch! Lindsay was really adorable then =)

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  3. ay oi, tiguwang na jud ko nu kay akong movies katong kaniadto pa... hahahah.. Woman’s elan vital

  4. i love high school..wish to be back in that age again haha.. this is indeed a great movie to watch with friends..through this movie we can remember the war and happy moments with friends sa high school

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  5. i like high school themed movies when watch with girl friends :)

  6. love lindsay (as an actress, at least) and she is amazing in mean girls. have seen it a couple of times already and i'm not tired of it yet, which says a lot about the flick. LOL.

    thanks for sharing your movie thoughts. see ya later ;)