Monday, August 23, 2010

Down with the Sickness

My son was admitted at LaVina General Hospital for three days because of asthma attacks. I usually admit him in his Pedia’s hospital but last Friday it was full of patient so we had to admit him into another hospital where his Pediatrician is on-call. You see, I would not be blogging about my son’s sickness here if I was only attended well with the hospital’s nurses. This post is not for all the nurses out there but just for the nurse on duty while my son was admitted because I know that being a nurse is not an easy work. I was so pissed off this morning because of two things, one the nurse didn’t take note that my son’s IV will last only until 4:30am and two my son will be discharged after his doctor’s rounds and that JB will no longer need his antibacterial injections. I woke up 7:30am only to see that my son’s IV is only enough to last for 5 minutes and so we asked the nurse on duty to put a new one, then she told us that JB don’t need it anymore because he will be discharged. Okay, that was fine. But 8:30am, the nurse on duty came to our room in order to inject him through the dextrose with medicine only to realize that she already get it off. So when I went to pay my bills, I still pay for the last antibacterial injection even though it wasn’t used by my son. This is unfair, the vial costs more than three hundred pesos and I need to pay for it because of the nurse’s idiocy. You see, for me, it is alright to pay for it because I have the money but what about those people who earns only one hundred pesos a day? Would it be fair? No, I think not. So, I told her that I didn’t like their service, and that would be my first and last time in that hospital who pays them but didn’t give the service that patients need.


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