Friday, August 27, 2010

Fat Girl No More I say

Fat Girl No More is a blog site owned by Ria with a tag line “saying bye-bye to obesity, one day at a time”. Ria is also known as yapatoots. I have known her when I joined her online contest last May and I won in three categories (lucky me). is like a diary of different ideas on how to fight obesity and lose weight. It’s all about foods and what not to eat in order to lose weight. It’s all about diets and exercise. Definitely the blog is all about how to lose weight but not in ten days but more. Ria tries hard to stop her cravings for food and beverages which causes her to gain weight. Though it is a hard thing to do, she didn’t lose hope and still she is trying to lose weight. She even tried to reward herself if she loses ten pounds, and for the next ten pounds and another reward for another ten pounds.

It is not healthy to be skinny and it is not healthy to be too fat. In here you will know Ria’s ideas of how to lose weight, reasons to lose weight and everything else about weight.

This is a review for Red's blogversary contest.

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  1. wow grabe sis ha... dali a ra nimo makahimo ug review oi... ako ani gaka malhan man ang utok... hehehe! keep it up sis! God bless