Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am a newbie in this blogging thing, I cannot consider myself as an influential blogger because when I read other blogs I feel like I am mediocre writer. Sometimes I make blog posts according to what comes up to my mind, just a personal thing, nothing more and nothing less. But after much thought of it, I realized that there is more in blogging aside from joining different contests and a daily summary of what’s happening in my life. I’ve come to learn many things from other blog sites that I have visited and so I have considered them as influential.

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 are:

1. Fat Girl No More- This is blog is like a personal diary of Ria on how to lose weight one day at a time. It’s like admitting that you can’t lose weight in just one night and so she tries to do different tactics on how to lose weight and become a healthy person.

2. Chubby Mommy Me – She is good in juggling her blogging life, personal life, being a mother and being a wife. She is an epitome of a modern day Filipina wife. This blog site will not only gave you ideas of how to lose weight while taking care of your children but also make you laugh, that’s what we need now in our stressful world.

3. Mommy Rubz – Most of the blogs I have visited is owned by WAHMs including this one. There are a lot to read and learn in Mommy Rubz blog site. Working at home while taking care of your kids is not an easy job, but Mommy Rubz could do it with a smile.

4. NOOB- NOOB means Novice on Blogging and I admit that I am. In this blog site, Pehpot shares with a NOOB like me the whats, the hows and the whys in Blogging. It’s like a blogging 101 subject where a NOOB person can learn.

5. More Food Adventures- This is a food blog and as a Filipino I have in my heart my love for Pinoy foods. More Food Adventures is helping people to discover good places to dine in Cagayan de Oro. There are so many good dining places in the city but there are no advertising vehicles that could help them be discovered so having this blog site makes it an advertising tool for different restaurants in the city.

6. Earn Money with Red – Who doesn’t want to earn online? No one. I mean let’s be practical, it is a good way to earn money online and in this blog of Marose or most commonly known as Red, she teaches you how to earn online. The what to do and not to do, posting her payment proofs and scam PTC/HYIP sites in order to warn new bloggers.

7. Wahmaholic – As defined by the owner, Wahmaholic means a work at home mom who is addicted of being one. In this blog, Kaye, the owner, posts her artworks of blog designs/lay-out, different blog buttons, and her everyday life of being a WAHM.

8. SWORD – SWORD is an acronym for Spread the Works, Opinions, Reviews and Documentaries. In here Liz, the author/owner is blogging her day to day experiences which in a way or two could also affect the reader. Different campaigns and advocacies are posted in here which awakens the reader’s minds and feelings toward different situations.

9. Senyorita – By the name itself, you will know what this blog is all about. I am not vain just like senyorita claims to be, but in this blog you can see all sides of a woman.

10. Pinay Online Money Maker – Most people who blogs wants to earn online but there are people who are making online money though lying, scams, and earning through other people’s hard earned money. And so it gave birth to this blog site. In here you will learn where to find good sites to earn money and help you stay away from scam.

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  1. Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D

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  4. Sis, congratulations for winning $100 @ EIB 2010!

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