Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hire Filipino Writers is owned by Mommy Rubz. I can’t navigate to any page in this blog site so I assumed it is just a hub for advertisers and bloggers. It seemed like a blog made for people who needs work and for people who needs someone to work for them. And when I talk about this kind of work it means blogging work or writing of course.

The site looks like an “about me” page too. Simply because in here you can read all about Mommy Rubz. As I quote Mommy Rubz saying “I am a proud mommy of three beautiful children, a certified Filipina SAHM, a 100% bloggaholic, a passionate advocate for children’s cause, a true blooded Cagay-anon and a beloved adopted Negrense.

In here I’ve learned that like me, Mommy Rubz is bisaya and proud to be one. We have so many things in common except that I only have two blogs and she having 40 blogs. Isn’t she amazing? I can’t even find the time or topic to write for my two blogs and yet here she is, a super woman who can handle 40 blogs in one time. I really need her to teach me on how to manage my time with my son and do some blogging.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.


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