Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everything Nice Reviewed

I am nice, are you nice? What if everything in this world is nice? Our world will be perfect, right? I hope so.

There is a blog site which is called “Everything Nice”. Badet authored this blog site and I assumed she is a gal, girl, and woman simply because the blog site’s color is rich in pink with a wall-paper like background. Badet has an online shop (which sometimes I would love to create but couldn’t find the time to do so). Badet loves to join contest too, she joined Yugatech’s contest and made a post about it in her blog site.

The only problem I have encountered in Badet’s blog site is that I couldn’t find the blog site’s archive. I don’t know if it just me because I have a super slow internet but it’s for you to find out so check it out and give Badet a visit.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.


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