Thursday, July 28, 2011

KotseBOOK - The BEST CAR directory in the Philippines

I know how to drive and I have been driving since high school. If there is one car type I really, really like, that is a Pick-Up Truck just like this one that I found in

I don't quite understand how to fix cars or how to choose from Philippines second hand cars because I am not a mechanic. But having car directories like makes me feel confident that I can buy a good car for a good price in the Philippines. Car directories is a great help for people who are looking for second hand cars at a very good price. There are many people nowadays that have seen how having a car is a great help for their businesses and their lifestyle.


I have JOINED Pink Magaline's giveaway before this one, and I was not lucky enough to WIN. But now I am joining again in Pink Magaline's BIGGEST GIVEAWAY and crossing my fingers that I will be lucky this time.

If you are interested to JOIN and BE LUCKY to WIN one of the things in the picture, click on the link above, it will take you there.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I like QWERTY giveaways!

A great contest by mommy Ellen and I am joining. You can read all the mechanics and join the contest here : I Like Blogs, I Like Giveaways. It is so easy to JOIN and all the pages to be liked and all the blogs that needed to be subscribed to can be found in the main blog contest post. This is so far the easiest contest I have ever join.

You can also check out Mommy Ellen's other blogs here: Mommy’s Infodose, Food Fashion, and Beauty Blog, Music, Movies, Stars, A Bloggerette’s Online Adventure, Day Dreaming Mommy, Shoppinay, Mommy Survival Guide

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Journalistic View Birthday Giveaway

I have been joining a lot of contests lately and this is another contest post I am making. Divine is having a weekly giveaway and though I have not won in the first raffle, I did still join and tried my luck. And for this week, there are some mandatory and optional requirements that an entrant can do to be able to be included in the raffle. I am making some in order to at least have more chances of winning.

And this week, the GRAND PRIZE has finally been revealed and you can see the whole post here: 3rd Weekly Raffle. I would really love to won in this contest and I am crossing my fingers and using them to WIN!!! If you want you can still JOIN, what are you waiting for? Click the link and head on to her site for more info.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blogging with Earthlingorgeous

I have known Earthlingorgeous when I fell in love with joining online contests. Why? She keeps on raffling different beauty products and fashionable items. That is why I always check her blog every now and then for some contests and for some beauty tips. Earth's blog is definitely a great help for a woman like me. It caters some of my needs, just some, because I don't put on makeups but I love to read her different posts and reviews for certain products. If there is one thing I hate about Earth, that would be because I am envious, envious why she could write that reviews with a very meticulous way of telling me about the product and why I couldn't (hahaha).

If ever you need some tips and tricks on how to be beautiful, fashionable and trendy these days, check out Earthlingorgeous and you will definitely get the answers you wanted.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 Pinay Wahm's Bonggang Birthday Bash

July has the most bloggers celebrating their birthdays because I have seen so many birthday Contests. And one of them is this one great Birthday Giveaway by Three Super Pinay WAHMs namely, Sam, Kaye and Mommy Rubz.

I have joined their contest to try my lucky charm, you can too, just check out their main CONTEST page here.

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway

And OF COURSE, this birthday giveaway will not be possible without their SPONSORS.


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Greenwich Limited Edition Notebook

Greenwich is giving away a limited edition notebook for FREE if you order the Barkada Meals. But as for me, I didn't order it so I pay 199php for this notebook.

I am a Greenwich addict and a certified Pizza eater. I still has my limited edition notebooks from Greenwich which I got when I was still in high school.

Just feel like sharing this to you.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feeling like Ranting

You know what hurts more? It’s when you do everything right yet in the eyes of your love one it is still not enough. I have been lucky in online contests and giveaways, in business and farming, and I thought I am lucky in love.

Loving someone can be painful and sometimes there are trials and problems that came your way, but the hard part is when you feel like almost giving up and he just doesn’t care.

There, I am just ranting and rambling and I don’t know why.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jes

‘What is your memorable birthday experience and How did you celebrate it?”
- All of my birthdays were memorable. My parents always see to it that I celebrate it with a BANG. I am the only daughter maybe that is the reason why. Though my birthday is celebrated during the lean months and it is so hard to find the extra money to spend on big celebrations, my mother always see to it that she has enough savings and that our pigs are big enough to be roasted. I still have my pictures way back when I was young, up until I was in high school. When I get into College, I still go home to our house to spend my birthday with my family. My birthday is always celebrated with many food on the table, there was even a time when my father had our Carabao slaughtered just for my 14th birthday. Most of my classmates and teachers are there with me, I had more than 40 people as guests during my birthdays. My birthday is always a big celebration in our house up until now. My birthday is coming up and my mom had already prepared 2 pigs to be roasted, ain't that awesome? I was asking her if she will give me a Jollibee Birthday Party because I really love to have one. Back in the days we don't have Jollibees here.

Jes is celebrating her birthday with a Giveaway. I am joining and you can join the PARTY too. Check out the Contest Page Here.

Of course this Birthday Party won't happen without the generous sponsors, here they are:

*Occasions of Joy*New Home Sweet Home*My Little Angels in America*Kitchen Explorers*Mamee and Me Fashion*The Wonderlusts*Hobby Lovey*

*Flakes and Nuts*Pink Memoirs*Life According To Me* Corsame Lane*Delight my Appetite*I Love Darly*Kerslyn's Comfort Zone*Random Thoughts**Treasure Box*Zowanderer*

* Rabago Family Escapade*Pink Fortune*

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Friday, July 8, 2011

I won a MOLESKINE Notebook

I have joined Cherry's "My favorite things giveaway" and luckily, I won a Moleskine Notebook. I never had a Moleskin Notebook and it is my first time to own one.

I will really treasure this gift from Cherry and I will put her business card in my wallet to remind me of of meeting a pretty person named "Cherry". Her business card is so cool, I am envious and I'll try to make one.

This is where I have learned that I won : WINNER of Moleskine.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I won a Blog Makeover from Wahmaholic

Kaye of Wahmaholic is the BEST BLOG DESIGNER I know in the BLOG-Universe and most of my blogging friends had their blog designs made by Kaye. I couldn't afford to pay for a blog makeover because I don't get so many paid opps and tasks online. I have joined so many contests already but I was not able to WIN Kaye's Blog Makeover as the prize.

Last Month, Kaye was having a little Giveaway in her blog. So I join again and here are the mechanics:

I thought I will never WIN, because though the way of getting votes is so easy, some of my friends just liked the page and never went on posting their comments that I referred them.

But luckily, I WON. HERE IT IS:

I am lucky because I have friends who are there to support me all the way.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Journalistic View Birthday Giveaway

I cannot GUESS what is inside this BOX, I mean I know that it is a WATCH but I don't know what BRAND it is. :)
Anyhow, this is a post for a birthday giveaway for this month of July. I am joining The Journalistic View's Birthday Giveaway. Because every week there are different mechanics, there are different prizes, in short I have the chance of winning every week and on the last week, the PRIZE would be this beautiful WATCH :)