Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Tag

I found this Sweet Tag from Pehpot , and I find it so nice to post it here because it is love month. I am tagging my new found friends here...

Here are some simple mechanics:
1. Post this tag in your blog (multiple blogs allowed) with these mechanics.
2. Don’t forget to use the widget above linking to the site
3. Post a photo of anything that has the color red.
4. Include also a saying or quote related to LOVE or the LOVE MONTH.
5. Tag as many as you can and instruct them to get back to Arlene's site to leave their url if they have joined.

This Red roses was delivered last February 13, 2010 at my doorstep. From someone I haven't meet yet. He is so sweet to send this beautiful bouquet for Valentines Day.

People spend a lifetime looking for love, wanting it, needing it,
seeking it, and most of the time they don't find it.
But once in a while, once in a great while, it comes to you,
it throws itself into your lap, pounds on your door,
and says, " Here I am, take me, I'm yours".
When it comes, how can you turn away from it?
How can you say, "Not now, maybe later?"
how can you not take the chance, knowing the opportunity may never come again?
-Danielle Steel, "A Perfect Stranger"


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