Monday, February 22, 2010

Home Buddies Review

Home Buddies is a personal blog of Fedhz. There is a wide variety of topics. And I love it how Fedhz came up with her categories; there are major topics and sub-topics to make the search easier. The sites color and design is good for the eye. It’s like a garden in your backyard.

Fedhz have done a lot of reviews too, aside from blog reviews there are product and movie reviews too. She also has entries for the weekly memes such as “Tuesday Couch Potatoes” and “Mommy Moments”.

I love her tips for making money online because I am a new blogger and want to earn money online (wink-wink). It’s hard to find some reliable money sources nowadays because there are a lot of frauds and scammers, so it’s nice if you knew someone using that referral thingy. Because you feel safe from scammers and you won’t be wasting your time working for them. Looking at those earnings make me drool and say to myself “get your ass working babe”.

She has tips for mommies out there and she also has these tech tidbits which can help you about techie’s things (I’m not good at anything about PCs).

Calling all my readers (if there are any) to head on Fedhz site and learn something new.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


  1. Hi, Joan. Thanks for the review. I'm not the one who wrote the techie stuff. hihi. it's the boyfriend. also the blog layout was made by him. ^^


  2. uh-uh.. i thought you wrote it, or maybe i didn't read the part where the boyfriend wrote this :D ehehehe and yeah the lay-out is cool,simple pero maganda :D and the boyfriend is mike right?