Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Samurai's Wife

I had never been to Seiko’s Diary until tonight when I decided to join Kaye and Pehpot’s Blogversary Contest. This amazing contest brought me to amazing blog sites/ web sites.

Seiko’s Diary is all about Seiko’s personal life, her five beautiful daughters and handsome husband. She enjoys mommy moments so much, which I just joined last week. There are a lot of family stories in Seiko’s Diary. And I love her entry Valentine’s Day in Japan, because I super-duper love chocolate cakes but I don’t know how to bake it, and there she is having fun baking with her five daughters. Being a wife to a Japanese husband is not easy, she profoundly explains the duties and beliefs of a samurai in her post Marrying a Samurai is not that easy.

And her latest post about Couple’s Corner made me smile and wish that someday, I will meet my Prince Charming from all that frogs that I kissed. I don’t know how Seiko managed to remember all those posting she needs to do every day. Because when I am flipping through her blog site, I saw how busy she is posting for Pixel Bug Weekend on Mondays, Tuesday Couch Potatoes on Tuesdays, Couple’s Corner on Wednesdays, Girls Talk on Thursdays and Mommy Moments and Food Trip Friday on Fridays.

Whoa, I don’t know how to manage my time well, but Seiko’s made me see how great it is to spend her time well with her family. Seiko’s diary is more than an icing to a cake but the cake itself. Common’ read all about her and her stories on her site.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


  1. Thank you soo much for reviewing my blog...I appreciate it so much.I hope you'll meet your prince charming soon too.I'm sure andyan lang s'ya & dadating din siya one of these days in God's time...God Bless!

  2. wehhh :) thanks at na appreciate mo:) sana nga may darating na Prince. hehehe