Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anak ni Kulapo indeed

It’s been awhile since I started visiting AnakniKulapo’s site. I love its template simply because I love black. And I can easily make my way of his site. I can immediately see the new posts, comments on different blog posts, and the categories as well.

I don’t need to know who Kulapo is because when I was young, I used to read Kulapo Komiks (which I think is the reason why I learned to read at such an early age). But if you want to know more about Anak ni Kulapo’s history, you can check it out at AnakniKulapo’s FaqU.

This humorous website sends chills to my spine. Whenever I visit Buraot’s AnakniKulapo site, I always remember the saying “Comedians don’t need to talk to make you laugh”. Buraot never failed to make me laugh even without words; you can view those funny pictures in piktyur-piktyur.

Sometimes it makes me think, how Buraot can come up with this ideas and I cannot. Hahaha

His new office for 2010 makes me cry while laughing, I mean seriously the humour level of Buraot is beyond my imagination. Who can ever thought about scouting/searching the earth for funny pictures in order to post it in his blog site for everyone else to see? And using our national language, which is Tagalog, makes it more understandable for Pinoys. I highly recommend it to my fellow Pinoy bloggers or non-bloggers to watch and see.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's Contest.


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