Thursday, February 18, 2010

A not so Random Review on Random WAHM thoughts

Random WAHM Thoughts

Kaye has another blog site. Yeah, another one, the is not your ordinary blog site for a woman like her. And instead of doing a review, I kept on reading and checking her site. Hahaha

For starters, RandomWahmThoughts is all about Kaye’s personal life, about her husband, her daughter, her sister and favorite nephew Elijah and other random thoughts that happens in her life. The first thing that caught my eyes is her attention grabber design, I love the way she made it. Very clever.

In this site I learned that Prince Charmings still exist, read Kaye’s open letter to her husband and you’ll know. She is a great mom too, posting a lot of pictures of her daughter Svet in her blog site. And randomwahmthoughts also covers Kaye’s love for her sister Ayie and nephew Elijah, making Elijah’s invitation cards for baptismal. She loves her marce’s too, which I wish I am a member too. Being a Wahm that she is, she deserves a pay, so check out her pay checks (not bad, right?).

I love reading her posts, just about anything under the sun, over the moon, everything about what life has to offer. And I doubt if you won’t like her blog site, because it covers anybody’s interests.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.

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  1. just commenting to say salamat ng sobra for doing this review! mwah!