Sunday, February 21, 2010

At Home Here - Are you?

The home is where the heart is. Where is your home? A house is not a home.

At home here is another blogs maintained by Pehpot. This blog site is all about “Home”. And you can easily identify the categories and it’s not hard to find the things you need to know. If you want to know how to organize your things you can check out Pehpot’s guides in “Organizing” category. I am an organizing freak; yeah I admit it I surely am. I don’t know if I am OC like Pehpot but sometimes I just can’t take it anymore. Messes my son make, sometimes I want to put all his toy cars in one box and the blocks into another in order to keep the room clean and organized. And I got an idea from Pehpot to buy big boxes like she got in here. Maybe it’s easier to clean if you do have boxes that’s big and can store many toys.

And like Pehpot I also have mosquito killer that shaped like a racket. It is her first purchase for the year but my mom bought it 6 months ago. My son is asthmatic and my mom bought him a nebulizer and Pehpot recommends every home with kids to buy one too.

For housewives or housebands or housekeepers out there, check out Pehpot’s At Home Here site and you’ll find it amazing.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


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