Friday, February 12, 2010

free movie date for my close friend

Pehpot invited me to join her free movie pass contest, at first I hesitated because I don't live near Waltermart or in Makati. So how would I use that movie pass if I won. Then when I read her blog post about it, I changed my mind. I want to join the contest and win 2 movie passes for my close friend blessy who is working in Makati. She is my friend since college days, and though we are far away from each other now, we are constant textmates and chatmates. When I went to Manila last year, she’s the only one who went to see me and treat me with her boyfriend. So I hope I will win this contest for them.

I’ve never been in Makati but if I will go to waltermart this is what I’m gonna do:

At WalterMart, me and my love one can watch movies, eat fancy dinners and window shop or shop ‘til we drop while holding each other hands. Isn’t it great?

check the contest out at pehpot's site.


  1. it's great! so sweet naman :)

    Thanks for joining :)

  2. salamat sa pg invite :) i am crossing my fingers to win that tickets for blessy and miming :) hehehe