Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sexy Blogging Review

Sexy blogging is another blog of Pehpot (yes, Pehpot again, she has so many blogs to maintain). I thought sexy blogging is all about hot men and well, sexy women. But then again, I was wrong. Sexy blogging is a woman’s health blog (it claims to be and definitely is).

Some women are afraid to talk about her feminity and some aspects in her life but I found out that Pehpot is very confident to talk about topics like “how to wash your genitals” and “what is the best feminine wash”. I am one of the women who are afraid or shy enough to talk about things like that and I don’t know why but reading Pehpot’s Sexy Blogging site makes me understand that I need to get out of my shell and reach out to other Pinay women who are in no doubt proud of their sexuality.

Sexy Blogging is a just a new blog of Pehpot, the first post dated December 1, 2009 if I wasn’t mistaken. And I like how she came up with the idea of uniting every woman in the world for the sake of taking care of our bodies. That’s two thumbs up for you Pehpot for realizing this dream.

I am calling all Pinays and non-Pinays out there that are sexy enough to open this site.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


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