Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I don't need a man - a break from all those reviews

I posted this shout-out in my YM “I don’t need a man” and guess what? A hell lot of people reacted. My teacher in AIS (accounting information system) who is already in Dubai or somewhere in the east asks why and is it because I got pregnant and left behind by the father’s baby. And I told him of course not. I don’t hate men sir, I just don’t need them. Because I think I am better off a single mom than married to a very irresponsible guy. Look I ain’t saying this because he left me, I am the one who left him, and I just want to make things clear. In today’s time being pregnant should not push you to get married (to all youths out there please don’t listen to me or my advices). But for me (I am saying this on my behalf only and based on my experience) marrying because I got pregnant is not the answer to my problem it only adds up.

I am not encouraging youths of today to get F*cked up and get pregnant and then be a single mom. You should think many times before you enter into this situation, before giving up your virginity to a man that you think is the best boyfriend you ever had. Life is a constant change. Think about your future, think about the life that is ahead of you, and think about your family. If I could turn back time I should have done otherwise in order to fulfill my dreams without an extra baggage, but I so love my very adorable son that I don’t live with regrets. It’s just that when I came into this situation I know right there and then that I don’t need to get married in order to save my dignity or my family’s name.

I leave you these words: “Don’t get married for the wrong reasons. Get married when you feel you are ready and willing to do what you need to do and if you can fulfil the vows you will say in front of the whole world and in front to God.”

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  1. ana jud..wa jud ta mag kita ug nag menyu pka sauna.hehehehe