Thursday, February 11, 2010

a review on Boy-Kuripot

This will be my very first blog site review. Boy Kuripot is going to be my first experiment. I am sorry boy; you just have to bear with me.

Boy Kuripot is a blog about Philippine freebies, contests, and promos. I sort of stumble upon his blog last year when I was googling for Jenny’s blog site (my seachanger friend), and Jenny mention him in her blog. Boy Kuripot is a very interesting blog. I mean I can’t have all those free stuffs if not for that site. The site is user friendly too  I mean you can easily find the goods you want to get for free and on how would you join the contest (e.g. Comment and win a planner, Sign up and get free products).

I simply love Boy Kuripot. I am thankful that thru Boy Kuripot I won an ASEAN PASS (4 tickets to anywhere in Asia via Malaysia Airlines). Jeff probably doesn’t know it, but he is a great person to gather all these fabulous free stuffs on the internet and share it on fellow internet users.


  1. Wow you are so lucky naman to win tickets to fly anywhere you want. I'll check out his site nga :)

  2. Thanks for the review Zoan! Congratulations on your ASEAN Pass. I do hope you learned a lot from that experience! Share the love and share the prizes. Here's to winning more prizes in the future!

  3. welcome :) and thanks to you too :)