Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog Appetite Review

When I first read Blog Appetite in Kaye’s teasers I thought it was a blog about cooking, and I was wrong. Blog Appetite is a personal blog by Mye. She is not in any way a WAHM or a SAHM; she is a working mom who still has time for her kids and her blog.

The blog’s design is super-nice, good for the eyes, because of its color combination I love to hang out to Mye’s blog site. It’s so cute it looks like a scrap book.

Mye is a proud mommy to her twins Eika and Ysha, who wouldn’t be if you have pretty little girls like them. You can view her stories about her beautiful twins in kid’s categories. Mye also found out that 50% of her time is spend on work (who doesn’t anyway?) and only 30% is spent on her kids and 10% on scrapping and blogging. She is a working mom but still she has the time to posts and fills in her blog site with what she has done for the last 24 hours. Isn’t it cool? Because it’s hard to balance your time with your work and your family, what more if need to divide your time with three things.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


  1. hi zoan - thanks for the very nice review of my blog. i love to see around every so often :)

  2. thanks mye:) i soo love your template, its an eye candy :) hehehe