Friday, February 5, 2010

I am a mother, I am single, and I am PROUD

Yes, I am a single-mom. And I am proud to be one. Life is not easy, whether you are married or single. I have chosen this life; I am the one who made the decision. It wasn’t easy, but I’d rather stay single and happy than married but not happy. I don’t want to marry for the wrong reasons. I am not your damsel-in-distress kind of woman, not even the shy-type one, but I am not a domineering girlfriend or wife-to-be too. I have simple ambitions in life, I have realizable dreams, but the father of my son can’t even show his love for me and our kid at the time I got pregnant.

I wanted a man who has the balls to stand for me and my son. A man who is responsible enough to tell me we will conquer the world whatever happens. Man enough to say and keep the promise of love I want to hear.

The world has changed before me, and I am changing before the world. I know I can make my dreams happen without relying or depending on someone. I am single, I am a mother, and I am proud.


  1. Hello! Voting starts now for Llama's Choice award 2010. Invite your friends to win my ultra mega super dooper badge!

  2. When I said that to the panel of Opus Dei members, the job offered to me was taken back.. tsk tsk tsk..

    But, I must admit, I became stronger after that.. My credentials are not even what I can bank on now coz society is too damn narrow when it comes to empowered single mothers.. Needless to say, I am a survivor of such harsh reality... My path may have taken a downhill, but I am climbing back with an even more determined goal..

    Cheers to us!

  3. @mommy dharlz : yes, you are right. this is a very harsh reality we must face. but we know that we are worth more than what they are thinking about us. they have no right to judge us but there is nothing we can do. :) pakita nalang natin sa kanila na kahit na single-moms tayo, we can do better than other people :)