Friday, February 19, 2010

ReviewsInc Reviewed

ReviewsInc lives up to its name. The blog site is all about reviews of products, blog sites, movies, people, etc. Pehpot owns this blog site (uh-uh she has many blog sites to maintain).

While browsing reviewsinc I found out our similarities (me and Pehpot), she received a sample gift-pack from Johnsons, she joined Yuga’s Real Leaf contest, she loves cha-cha (bulilit,bulilit, ang liit-liit...) and she love watching movies. The only difference is I don’t know how to make reviews while she is a master at it.

Because of her blog site I learned the top ten websites which I also expect should be on the top ten. My mom loves watching showtime, I love Anne Curtis, and Pehpot love them both. This site is very user-friendly (I don’t know what term to use). All I know offers the reader a lot of knowledge about products Pehpot have used, websites Pehpot has visited, and movies Pehpot have watched.

She has this passion for doing reviews; she says it’s more than just a job. Well, we all have our passions, some people are born artists, leaders, singers, dancers, but Pehpot is born to review. I don’t know what I am born to do but I will try to do more reviews maybe I am like Pehpot too.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


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