Friday, February 19, 2010

Make or Break Review

Make or Break is one of Pehpot’s blogs. It’s all about her life being a mom, a wife, and a friend. It started about two years ago. Make or break is a parenting blog maintained by Pehpot, you can read the birth of this blog in here.

I am learning a lot in this blog site when it comes to parenting. Being a mother is a very hard task or work to do, and reading Pehpot’s blog make it easier for me. She has 3 kids and it made her a very hard-working and loving mom. At this point in my life I am easily irritated by my son’s “papansin” to me, but by reading Pehpot’s “I miss my Baby” post I think I should spend more time with my son now that he needs me. Because when the time comes my son will grow up, I know he will eventually, I know I’m gonna miss him like Pehpot’s misses Kayil.

And I envied the friendships she have made through the years of blogging, you can read her article about this in “One article a day”. I realized that one doesn’t need to meet a person in order to become friends, one only needs to share her thoughts, her feelings and interests to a person and that’s it. And who doesn’t love to remember the “first times” of our dear children? Pehpot shares Sati’s first times in one of the mommy moments memes.

Whether you are a mom or not, you can also learn a lot from Pehpot’s Make or Break site.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


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