Sunday, February 21, 2010

i am a NOOB - A WHAT???

Surely I am a newbie in this Blogging thingy and therefore I can say I am a NOOB. What is a NOOB? Novice on Blogging is the definition according to what I have found in Pehpot’s site.

I am blogging for two months now, and I am still finding my way through it. Being a neophyte as I am, I really need some help in establishing my blog. I don’t know any bloggers in my hometown (I think I am the only one here), and my friends in college aren’t into blogging too, so I need to find someone who is. Thanks to Pehpot’s because it taught me some need-to-know and how-to’s in blogging.

I didn’t even know how to make a blog review or product review, but because of NOOB I came to know how. It’s a good thing Pehpot came up with this idea (ohhhh, she has a lot of ideas...). NOOB is a guide for new bloggers like me and it is like a handy-dandy notebook for us (isn’t it?).

Even if you are not a new blogger you will still find some good articles in NOOB because life is all about learning and we can acquire new knowledge if we read and visit some other people’s sites.

This is a review for Kaye and Pehpot's contest.


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