Monday, February 8, 2010

To Do List on heart's day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I don’t have a date because I have no hubby neither a boyfriend to have a date with. So, I wrote this to-do-list for singles on Valentine’s Day.

To do:

· Watch romantic-comedies story (e.g. the ugly truth, meet the parents) for the whole day on the 14th.

· If watching romantic-comedies make you miss your dating days, try watching horror movies (e.g. dawn of the dead, species)

· Spend the day at your favorite saloon, have your hair spa or hair color, have you nails done, have a foot spa whatever your saloon offers.

· Go SHOPPING. Spend the day at the mall; try everything you want to wear, from the sexy tops down to the mini-skirts.

· Spend the day with your girlfriends, go window shopping, boy watching, eat ice creams, whatever it is that you love to do with them.

· Hit the BEACH.


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