Thursday, November 4, 2010

GT:Grocery Shopping

The topic for November in GT is all about $hopping!
I can't seem to find new photos that is in the Grocery Area, so let me just post this one.

The picture above is taken at Davao, NCCC mall I think.

But now that my son is already big and can push his own grocery cart, my money is not enough anymore for our groceries. Why? Because he buys his own foods and drinks too aside from the things that I needed to buy. Jb's cart will be full of biscuits (skyflakes, oreo, rebisco chocolate coated biscuits), drinks (chuckie's choco milk, nestle fresh milk, yakult) and candies while my cart is full of his diapers (pampers), milk (Nido 3plus), junk foods (V-cut, chippy, muncher), bread and spreads.


  1. Aww.. That's so cute. My niece also loves to ride the cart. hehe..

    I usually shop alone, pero madalas sumasama sa aking ang aking pamangkin. She likes riding the cart while I wheel it aroudn the grocery aisle.

    Most of the items on my list is food. A little toiletries, some vanities.. but mostly, food. =)

    Anyway, eto po yung entry ko.. Sana makadalaw ka rin, and I'd appreciate it if you could drop a comment, too..

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  3. nadadagdagan age nia at mas dumadami ang needs nia, naku sakit ulo sa pagbudget ang mga mommies:)))

  4. @zoan.. member po ako ng Adgitize... top pa nga ako sa leaderboard last month eh.. hehehe... kaso di na muna ako nagextend as advertiser kasi medyo di pa ako makafind ng time magclick and magpost sa forum

    Uhmmm nalink na ang Christmas Card ko sa sulit... all you need is to copy the code sa other blog ko... :D


  5. winner ang shopping cart! :) junkfoods talaga! doritos! :)

    thanks for dropping by my site. see you again :)

  6. Hehehe, ganyan mga kids ko eh, kapag kasama ko sila, aba panay ang lagay ng kung ano ano sa cart, panay naman ang alis ko kapag di sila nakatingin. Hay! kaya bihira ko sila isama.. Grocery shopping is fun, lalo kapag maraming budget, kelan ko kaya yun mararanasan (yung maraming budget)

  7. i am glad that diaper is no longer in my list.. junkfoods.. yeah, we have lots of those too.. =)

  8. my daughter loves that grocery cart!

  9. whoaah! your list is mostly for!

  10. been to NCCC mall too. They got lots of stuff there in the groceries. :)

  11. hihi. cute. you let him get his own stuff at the grocery? mamumulubi ako if i let svet do that. niahaha!