Monday, November 29, 2010

More on Black-Outs

Black outs and Lightning were my enemy for these past few days because I simply cannot turn on my laptop due to power blackout and the lightning, the lightning has hit the cell tower of Smart here in my place. I don’t want to get old worrying and having a stressful night thinking of how to do all my tasks because I simply cannot do some research without my laptop turned on. Using Mr. Google to look for me some important knowledge stored in him and while checking and reading different articles I could also read some new products about Christian Dior which can keep my youthful glow intact.

But then again, the heavens have not hear my woes, and when I have asked the Smart Center when will our signal can come back, the person just told me that they do not know because technicians are off duty on Sundays. Dear God, how can I keep my wrinkles from sprouting if I encounter such problems? Thanks to Borghese for a collection of different face and body products that can keep my skin in a good shape effectively.

Too much about desperation and my distress self, I really want to get myself a rest. Because worrying for problems like that won’t get the job done, I cannot change the fact that I am not a technician and I don’t know anything about returning the signal to my cell phone and plug it back and the only thing I could do is to use apply some Clinique products on my face to keep it clean and comforted.


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