Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Change in Kikamz Body

Motherhood is a cycle in a woman’s life where every woman encounters the greatness of God and the miracle of life.

My favorite post in Kikamz’ blog site is the Look Who’s Pregnant?! Post. Giving birth or being pregnant is definitely a woman’s true essence. In this post, Kikamz shares how she discovered that she is pregnant, the emotions that fill her, she even tells us when she got pregnant. She also tells us that she can’t make it without her husband’s help. I am happy that Kikamz had a husband to share her joy and pain while she is pregnant, craving for different foods and all that stuffs, going to the OB for the monthly check ups. A very supportive and caring husband indeed she had and every woman in the world deserves to have one.

I can relate well to this post, the pregnant part and giving birth minus the husband story part because as I said I am a single mom. I went through every Kikamz adventure with being pregnant. The only thing is, I did it SOLO. I have no husband to love me, care for me or support me while on labor and giving birth at the hospital. But I am happy that I have a family who loves me dearly and shows me that I am loved by taking care of me while I needed help. Sometimes I did wish that I have that someone too, but maybe in time I will.

This is my entry for BlankPixel's contest for my favorite sponsor's post.


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