Monday, November 15, 2010

Georyl is Blogging with Her Heart


I have come to know Gee ( because of the exchange link project by Mommy Vernz. I was checking the stats or my site (Farm Girl Blogger) and then one of the referring links came from Gee. So I paid her site a visit and I was thankful that I did because there are so many things that one can learn from her site.

Last October, Gee hosted a giveaway and I joined (I am a contest-addict, remember?). I joined and well, I won twice for 1000 EC credits and I also won the special prize, free hosting for one year with free domain. I didn't know that I have so many comments in her site because I thought more people were interested to win (there were many people who joined and won different prizes).

Well, this post is not about how I met Georyl but about my favorite post in her site. My choice would be Georyl's article about "her man". Well, every girl dreams of her own fairy tale, her own Cinderella story, her own Prince Charming and here Georyl finds her own man. This post is indeed was blogged by Georyl with her Heart. Anybody could write anything, topics that is about things, people, places, but not all people could write something like this just out of the blue. This kind of article needs to be written with a heart and here it is, a very beautiful article about a man that not only met Georyl's standards but has surpassed it.

I was touched by this post because I am a woman myself and I have met my ideal man too, me and Gee have the same qualities in our list for our ideal man and meeting them (our man) is a chance of a lifetime. A chance that we should not let pass and glad that we didn't.

This is my entry for BlankPixel's contest for my favorite sponsor's post.


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