Thursday, November 4, 2010

Online Tutoring might be the Solution

My life is like an open book already from the time I have decided to make a blog. And yet there are still things that people don’t know about me. As far as I can remember, I am good in solving Math Questions even when I was in grade school. Solving Math problems are my thing and making essays are not. It is easy for me to perfect a Math exam rather than writing a 15 sentences essay answer to an essay question. In high school, I even received the Mercury Drug Math Excellence Award.

But I am not good at all subjects. I needed Chemistry help when I had the subject in Third year high school. My teacher was one of the “terror” professors in our school and it was not easy listening to her while looking at her fierce eyes. Chemistry was a bit hard maybe because there are no motivations for me to study more and excel at the subject. Maybe I was just not good when it comes to the Science subjects because I also seek for Physics help.

If only online tutoring was available when I was young, studying for an exam won’t be difficult. Even college students still needs tutoring at these subjects because a student cannot easily learn through common sense or by studying by themselves. I was once a student and I know that it is a great help if there are people who are more interested to teach them without spanking them.


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