Sunday, November 28, 2010

I wanted to be a SPY

I love watching CSI TV program series and Leverage. I am also beginning to love NCIS aside from my devoted time for Numbers. Hey I am beginning to think and act likes a CSI agent sometimes that I really wanted to buy a Key Logger in order to know what my brothers are using my laptop for. Maybe they are checking those cheats again for different PS games they have in their rooms or maybe they are checking on what’s the in fashion for men these days.

If only I could be somewhat a spy in my own way, because sometimes I feel like I am Angelina Jolie on that SALT movie or perhaps Jennifer Garner when she starred ALIAS. It felt like a sexy way of thinking for me, huh but really, I wanted to go to school somewhere where I could learn all that stuff.

Sometimes I wonder where my brothers are going because they don’t tell me where they are taking the car. I really want to know where because I end up filling the fuel tank and they just use it every time and the car gets home with almost an empty tank. A GPS tracking device might be of use and I am thinking of buying one.

With all these technologies, I might end up being Mrs. Smith after all.


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