Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Want 50x More Poise under Pressure with Fairer Skin

I think most of you, my readers, already know that I have a small farm and a little business here in our town. I don’t do the dirty and hard work in the farm but I still visit the farm. I went there to survey and to check if the people who I pay to work really get the work done. I also check if the crops (sugarcane) are doing well and if ever the crops still need some fertilizers in order to grow more. I sell coke for a living (Coca-Cola). Sometimes when my salesman/driver is not around, I drive the Elf in order to deliver the stocks. I cannot just sit around and wait for my salesman to be present in order to deliver the stocks because loss sales for the day will not be sales tomorrow. And these two situations, I always encounter Mr. SUN.

My mom has fair skin; she has Spanish and Chinese blood maybe that is why she is fair-skinned. My dad is super-brown if there is such a word, he is Ilocano and a typical Filipino, sometimes people describe him as tall, dark and never mind (LOL). That is Milk and Coffee team up and so the result is Coffee but not black (ahahaha).

There are times that when I look into the mirror, I am happy to have fair colored skin but there are also times that I want to be fairer. Yeah, I have tried putting on sunscreens, lotions to make me white, but I never tried drinking those whitening pills though because I am scared for the side effects. There are soaps who claim that it can make you have that “Artista-looking skin” but I have doubts though.

I work under pressure and I don’t like to worry much because it makes me look older. I want 50x more poise under pressure with fairer skin. I want to focus on my work and not worrying about getting dark that is what I really want!

And like Earthlingorgeous I want 50x more fairer skin. Thanks to L'oreal for creating such innovation.


  1. Wow! You have a farm, at a young age? That's incredible! And you really look pretty! You also deserve to win, like me! Hehehe!

    Here's my entry:

    Good luck to us!

  2. you are beautiful and 50x more fairer skin will make you more beautiful dear!

  3. Well written entry sis :) Good luck!
    Businesswoman ka talaga ha.