Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fat Girl No More is Still a Little Girl

I have made so many blog entries about Teacher Ria. She is the author of Yapatoots and Fat Girl No More.

I already made a blog review for Fat Girl No More and I am not making another one just yet. I will just make a blog entry about my favorite post in Ria's Fat Girl No More. Even though I don't have a "how to lose that weight" problem I still love to read Ria's journey in fighting obesity. Because the blog is just not all about how to conquer that fats but it also caters to different advocacy and topics that she feels like writing.

My favorite post is that Little Girl Lost in the Moment entry by Ria. Each and every one of us has that child inside us that even though how far our dreams and ambitions have taken us we will still sometimes feel inferior and lost. I can relate to her story, about what she has written. Ria says that she knows how to take care of the people she loves and yet she doesn’t know how to take care of herself that way.

I can relate to this post so much because sometimes I also feel so alone and that I worry so much about things that are not important. The bottom line, I think, is that everyone needs someone to take care of them too. It is not that we cannot take care of ourselves, we just need that someone who will show us why we exist, why we are here, why on earth we are alive.

This is my entry for BlankPixel's contest for my favorite sponsor's post.


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