Thursday, November 11, 2010

GT:Health and Beauty Buff

I will just answer this given question by Niko "As a shopaholic, what do you usually fill in your grocery basket from the health and beauty section?".

The things I put into my grocery basket in the health and beauty section are Safeguard soap, Palmolive shampoo, the sanitary napkins and feminine wash. I don't buy lotions because I always have them for FREE (my aunts and cousins from abroad keeps on giving me lotions and colognes as "pasalubongs").

I don't get to shop at Watson's because I need to travel 5 hours in order to be in SM-CDO.


  1. wow, giveaway naman diyan ... nganu 5 hours Zoan... asa diay ka sa bukidnon? abi nako malaybalay lang...

    My GT here

  2. you have the basics yet the most important ones. isa ka rin pala sa mga may generous relatives and friends.

  3. A very simple list you have here :)

    Hop from GT and follow you
    Happy Thursday

  4. ok yan girl, basics ang i-shop tapos txt-txt nlng pag may uuwing kamag-anak fr abroad pra mapasalubungan ng imported, hihi

  5. Free lotions and colognes, that's what I usually get too.

    If you have time, do drop by:

    My GT

  6. Yeah, always been a Safeguard gal here too: )

    Droppin' by for GT.

  7. oh! lucky you! talk about generous supplier, lol! nice post!

  8. sanitary napkins is very important to get fromt he health and beauty section. lucky zoan ka talaga, free stuff from family abroad? wahhh.. I am the one who gives my family and nobody gives me, double wahhh!

  9. yikes. 5 hours? hirap tlga pag malayo sa kabihasnan. haha! :P