Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Great Pinay MOM

I have visited Pinay Mom many times already but I forgot where I really have found my way to it. I love the blog entries which tackle different topics and just about anything about being a mom and about being in the Philippines.

My favorite blog post in Pinay Mom is the 5 PinayMom tips when applying for a Credit Card. Honestly, I already have a Credit Card way back last year, 2009. I was not a fan of Credit Card because there is no such use for the plastic in my place. I came from a hometown where cash is always better than credit and there are no shops, malls or gasoline stations that would accept a payment using a Credit Card. But I just know in Pinay Mom why a person must have a Credit Card and why and when to apply for it. I know what budgeting means and I know where my money should go, I have a stable income generating business so therefore I could get one. Before, I seldom use my Credit Card but now I have learned how to use it and I always pay on time in order to avoid big interest that the bank is earning from me. I just use it when I needed it and for convenience purposes only.

And for those who have no Credit Cards yet and thinking of having one, better check out Pinay Mom’s say about the plastic before getting one.

This is my entry for BlankPixel's contest for my favorite sponsor's post.


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