Thursday, November 18, 2010

GT:Home Section

I don't want to miss Girl's Talk that is why I am here again making my blog entry for this week's topic.

I am not my mom so you will not find me in the home or house ware section in the Malls. I am still living with my parents that is why I don't need to buy anything lacking in the kitchen or in the house. Maybe there are times that my mom would ask me to buy something for the house.

But when the time comes that I needed to buy some new stuffs for my new house then I'd probably stay longer in the kitchenware :D


  1. hihi!! same here Sis am still leaving under the custody of my parents!! pero I love buying glasses and kitchen wares!! hihihi...

    Happy GT

  2. invite mo kami sa housewarming mo pag may sarili ka na house. samahan din kita mamili ng housewares. hehehe

  3. same to you Joan.. hahaha... reason at my post Woman’s elan vital

  4. I don't go often in house ware section sis. I probably go there if I have a formal party to attend to and bring a tureen. But where I got my kitchen wares and house wares were mostly from garage sales. Yeah, second hand lang, pero I choose the ones that are still good to use and good looking.

  5. happy GT.

    watch martha stewart show pra mainspire ka! hehe. or buy a set of dinerware for mom. buy a glass of white wine and wineglasses for noche buena for the family. good start di ba? hehe.


  6. I love the home ware section too but who am I thinking I love all sections of a mall! haha!

    Btw ! I know you didn't win the ULB contest but you can try winning beauty products at the Mommy Bloggers Club :) Thanks!

  7. i enjoyed living with my mom during the first few years of my marriage. good thing i did because she's been living with my sister Liz (This is my Life) for 8 years now and i kind of miss her, lol!