Friday, September 17, 2010

We Cry for Justice

Yesterday, September 16, 2010 is the most unforgettable day of my family’s history. You might wanna ask why, so I will tell you why.

Yesterday morning my first cousin Kuya Dodo together with his Wife Ate Coycoy went to Tubigon (a municipality in Bohol) Market to buy groceries. But we didn’t think that it would be their last time to visit the Public Market alive. They were ambushed inside their car, Kuya Dodo was dead on the spot and Ate Coycoy who is 9 months pregnant was rushed to the hospital but declared dead upon arrival, even the baby inside her was not saved.

This is a first loss of a family member in our clan, and we just didn’t think that it would start like this. We have Uncles and Aunts who are sick, stage 3 cancers, but survived. I cannot easily accept what happened. They were brutally murdered by heartless monsters. I thought these things only happen in movies, I guess I was wrong when I thought that way.
We cry for justice for our cousin’s death, and we pray that they will rest in peace.


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