Friday, September 3, 2010

Rache Photography

Rache Photography is a photo-blog. What it is? I think a photo-blog is a blog about photography? I am not sure. I haven’t had the time to research about this one. But this blog site is full of beautiful pictures.

This blog site is a Photo Meme addict. I can safely say this because every photo-meme I have come to know in the blog world, Rache Photography is a member. As I have seen in her list of Photo Meme it is more than ten memes, imagine that. I love to join at least one of the Memes though.

Rache Photography is a link addict too aside from photo-blogging addict. This blog site is a member of Teacher’s Link Exchange Project and BC Bloggers and that makes us connected in one way or another. So many pictures, so little time for me to browse it now but I will definitely come back again in this site for beautiful pictures and some picture taking ideas.

This is review for Red's 1sr blogversary contest.


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