Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today's topic for Girls Talk is the color GREEN. Well, most people believe that Green is the color for wealth. Maybe because the color of the US dollar is green.

I am not a fan of the color green but I don't know why I have many Green Stuffs in our house.
This one right here is a wedding giveaway, I took out the couple's picture and put mine (my graduation picture for our souvenir way back in high school).
These green stuffs right here are Real Leaf Honey Apple and Real Leaf Honey Lemon.
And this is my Financial Accounting Volume One reviewer 4 years ago when I took the board exam.
This t-shirt was a gift from a friend last July for my 25th birthday.
And last but not the least, a GREEN VS :)

That's it for today's GT.


  1. lottssa green.. giuhaw ko tagai ta anang imung real leaf ..hahahaha.. kadaghan ana Joanne?

    GT here

  2. dalawa kayong nakitaan ko ngayon ng green VS. i haven't tried that pero siguro mabango.

    my entry is here, sis.

  3. pareho tayong di mahilig sa green, and yet my house is surrounded with green stuff, hehehe..

  4. and hindi ka pa mahilig sa green ng lagya na yan ha! (joke!) :D

  5. Zoan, I like your name :) Dami mong Green! Ano ba flavor nang green VS mo? Nauhaw ako sa Green drink mo.

    My Green GT post

  6. hmmm.. i love your shirt, looks very comfy, but i like the VS even more, lol!

  7. for someone who doesn't like green, ang dami mong green stuff. woot! real leaf! manalo kaya tayo sa contest nyan sa FB? ehek.