Thursday, September 30, 2010

GT:Pink Mania

I hate PINK.
Ooops. Sorry, I think I mix up with my words. Okay, I admit, I super-duper LOVE Pink. Every girl loves pink, who doesn't?? Pink is the new RED, ain't it? LOL

The topic for this week's GT is the color Pink. Ohhh my, I have so many pictures to share(ahahaha).

This is my table in my room, it is attached to my cabinet.
I painted my room pink, yes I did the painting. Those frames where my possessions, cross-stitched them way back 1999.
Sorry, my room is a MESS, I know.
And these are just the things I love to wear. That's a VS tube top underneath my earrings, necklace and bracelet.
This is my favorite pink short-shorts. This picture was taken last year when we had our vacation in Bohol, that is my Grandma right there.
This is my favorite pink shawl, given by my Tita when she went to Baguio last June. This picture was taken in a barge on our way to Camiguin.
And this one right here is my favorite pink blouse. This picture was taken at Panda Hotel, HK.
This is a picture of me during my friend Kakang's wedding.
That is me, sporting a wacky look with a pink blouse. Taken at the CDO airport just before my BF left for NZ.
This one is taken way back year 2005 at Chocolate Hills Bohol.
And last but not the least, my boyfriend's favorite pink shirt that I have is right here.
Okay, just a little trivia, most of my PINK t-shirts/blouses came from just one store, PENSHOPPE. I know, I am an addict. (LOL)

There are more PINK prized possessions in :


  1. Hinde lang masyadong halatang pink ang fave color mo^_^Mahilig ka pala sa cross-stiching?Good hobby,yan ang talent na wala ako.

    Girl's Talk

  2. bongga ka te andami mong pictures in pink! haha! ayan in fairness mas love mo ang pink kesa sakin. LOL

  3. what can i say, girl na girl talaga:) you are one pretty and brainy girl, BF must be lucky, hehe
    btw, i see u have plenty of VS and beauty products, shall i see u then this satirday for my meme: SKIN CARE. thanks a lot:)

  4. Oh nice! I don't think I can paint my own room. Big claps for you!

    My Pink Stuff

  5. I agree who doesn't really love pink... i too is addicted with this color...

    sobrang girly ng room mo it!

    Here's Mine Sheng's Fave Color

  6. Hi Zoan.... wow.. sanctuario ng pink pala kwarto mu.. heheheh ...

    Girls Talk Here

  7. Penshoppe was also my favorite outlet back when I was in Manila. I just love their name. :D

    Thanks for visiting my GT:Pink.

  8. ay wlang hilig sa pink teh!! :) heheheh

    tamang title ng post mo PRETTY IN PINK :) hihih

    sorry i wasnt able to join sa contest ni red ha :( i had a very very busy weeek na sa work hayz

  9. i love the necklace! i wonder how it would look like on my big fat neck! lol!