Thursday, September 2, 2010

walk with me - a review

Walk with Me is owned by Jovdavid. I like the header, it is very simple yet it draws your attention. It is like stationary papers I used to write some love letters way back in high school days.

Every person I know even people I do not know yet wants somebody to walk with them. And maybe this is the main reason why the author has come up with this title for a blog. Everybody wants somebody to walk them.

I love the author’s post about our beloved country, The Philippines. The map and the little overview about my beloved country make me think that this author is proud to be a Filipino and indeed a patriot. I have never thought about posting something like this in my blog site but I have posted a lot of being a patriot and showing my love to my country and countrymen. Go Philippines.

This is a review for Red's 1st blogversary contest.


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