Thursday, September 23, 2010

GT: BLack is not a color :D

My favorite color is black :D though they say it is not a color. I have so many t-shirts, pants, shorts, leggings, dresses, that are black. I even painted my nails BLACK :D

My son, JB, also loves black. These are his favorite toys.

My favorite flipflops :D
Oh my, don't forget my favorite softdrinks for all time.
These are all my belongings :D I can see these things on my desk and everyday I use them.
And this one right here, is my favorite bag, bought at Tagaytay last May when I visited the city :)

And this one right here is my favorite T-shirt, I have so many unforgettable moments with this T-shirt of mine :) We rocked the Asian countries together.


  1. love, love you rocking that graphic Tee!

    my GT entry is here

  2. haha.. so many coca cola's...

    love the flipflops.. =)

  3. I like the toys... can i have one... hehehe :-)

  4. favorite mo nga ang black pati profile picture nka black blouse din.. hehe

  5. I love the bag and I may say,ganda mo sis! :)

  6. a sister after my own coca cola too much too!

  7. wow sis inyo nang stock sa balay nang mga coke? hehehe... love all your black stuffs!

    when diay tuod ta magkita sis?

  8. oh my... it's not SO OBVIOUS that you love black, lol!

  9. I love your flip flops, ang cute. I love black too, pwedeng iterno sa kahit ano di ba?

  10. oh I got the same bag, the one you got from Tagaytay, beige nga lang yung akin, I got it from my sister when she came home from her vacation in the Philippines. Are they cute? Loved it!

    I agree with you on soda! Pepsi nga lang sa amin dito sa US, masaap kasi ang pepsi dito, kaysa sa coke. Coke nila dito walang lasa hehe!!

    Anyway here's mine for this week's theme...

    Have a nice day!

  11. onga andame nga. haha! wow. andaming coke o.O

  12. so many kikay stuffs ng pretty mom. sali ka sa meme ko, i know u have tons of stuffs there.
    see ya!
    keep safe always:)